26 June 2017

My 20th Birthday

I'm finally 20. And after a fortnight of being in my twenties, I can finally confirm that I feel exactly the same, I don't have any grey hairs yet and I've realised that I really need to learn how to drive. As it's become a tradition on my blog, I thought that I'd share my birthday with you. I don't mean this in a literal way of course. I didn't do much on my birthday day because as I'm an adult now, I have to go to work and apparently, adulthood now means working on your birthday. Also, I'd like to make a disclaimer before I start; I am in no way bragging about my gifts, I'm extremely grateful for everyone's kind words and photos, every single one meant so much and kept me smiling on my lunch break. 

I started my birthday at midnight in the traditional way. At 23:57, I hit the play button on my iPod and 'Dancing Queen' by ABBA blared through my headphones as I danced around my bedroom whilst messaging Liv who was doing the exact same thing. Then I was going to go to bed, but the minute I put my head on the pillow I got a notification on my phone saying that Mum had tagged me in a photo. When I unlocked my phone I saw that she hadn't just tagged me in any photo, oh no, it was the most hideous selfie of me taken on her phone one night when I'd had a few and she'd left her phone on the table. I ran straight downstairs and after 10 minutes of negotiations, she decided to take it down. If that taught me anything, it's not to take people's phones and spam them with selfies because it will come back and haunt you. 

When I woke up in the morning, the dog came bounding into my room and jumped onto my bed. I followed him downstairs to find 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' banners stuck to the door and my cards and presents in front of the fire place. I don't ask for a lot on birthdays because June is a very awkward month but my family and friends never fail to spoil me and surprise me with beautiful things. I always open my cards first and I got some lovely cards with lovely words written in them. A personal highlight was the card I got from my dog. It said 'To my Sister' on the front of the card and then inside it read 'To Meg, Happy 20th Birthday. Thank you for all the cuddles, even though I don't want them. Lots of Love, your fluff Bro.' and I promise you that I cried for a good half an hour. 

As I previously said, my family and friends were so generous with their gifts this year and I feel so lucky. From my Mum and Dad I got a new purse, a Mac Highlighter, some foundation, Real Techniques eye brushes and an eyebrow shaping shaver. Then from my lovely friend Sarah I got the cutest Marie pyjamas and I am so obsessed with them. I then gave my parents a big hug and headed to work for what I was hoping would be a very easy day. 

The minute I stepped foot in work, my boss stopped serving a customer and serenaded me with my first 'Happy Birthday' of the day. I didn't expect my work colleagues to get me anything for my birthday but seeing as they know me so well, they got me a box of chocolates, a bottle of Woo Woo and a t-shirt that they thought summed me up as a person. It's a plain grey t-shirt that says 'Disney's Next Princess' on it and I absolutely love it. Fun fact, I'm actually wearing it right now. How lucky am I to have bosses who know me so well? 

 I wasn't looking forward to spending my birthday in work but it was so much fun and because my boss is so hilarious, I had an absolute blast. My day included the shop getting evacuated due to a fire in the shopping centre and my boss getting the whole stall to sing 'Happy Birthday' to me again.  However, the highlight of my working day was having my two friends Rach and Liv come in to surprise me. I wasn't expecting their visit so when Liv came up to the counter with some nail glue and asked how much it was, I had a complete excitable fit when I finally realised it was them. They stayed and chatted with me for a while, in between me serving customers, and they got me the cutest Marie teddy, a Rapunzel mug and some beautiful rose gold bracelets. There was a lot of Disney magic sprinkled throughout the day which made it just that little bit more special. 

When I finished work, I went straight to see my grandparents. I'd seen them briefly in the afternoon as they go for coffee in the cafe opposite the shop, but it was lovely to get to speak to them properly. My Grandad always looks at me with pride, but I saw the way he looked at me on my birthday and it was like he couldn't believe that his little pal had grown up. I've been around for 20 years, and I honestly don't know how they've put up with me. From my Grandparents I got a cute little suitcase to take to Disney and the Jimmy Choo perfume that I'd had my eye on for months. It was a lovely little surprise and I am so grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful people. 

I wanted to spend what I had left of my birthday with my family so I booked us in for a meal at our local country pub. The Stanley Arms does the nicest food with the loveliest surroundings and it was so nice to sit around a big table with everyone that I love. Family are so important and birthdays make me realise that more than any other time of the year. We chatted about every topic under the sun although any political talk was banned as I didn't want any arguments over the dinner table. The restaurant had been decorated for the night and we were sat on a big round table in the middle of the room so that we could all see each other when we were talking. 

I ordered the traditionally British fish and chips for my meal and it was potentially the yummiest fish and chips I've ever had. We all tucked into our meals as the sun set on the corn fields next to the window. It was so beautiful and I couldn't have asked for a better way to end my birthday. I've also put some cute family photos up there too because I love taking photos on birthdays, as annoying as it seems, I'm always that person with the camera out telling everyone to huddle together to get in for the photo. I'm smiling just thinking about the day. 

After the meal, we went back home, drank prosecco and cut my birthday cake. I wanted to opt for a Disney cake this year however I wasn't impressed with them so chose this pretty pink one with a flower on top instead. Although my birthday wasn't as extravagant as previous years, I still had the best day ever. Seeing everyone's tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos and all the lovely comments meant a lot to me and kept me smiling for the whole day. I'd also like to say that being in work on your birthday isn't all that bad, especially when you have an amazing boss and friends to keep you company. 

So, here's to my twenties. Lets hope it's full of love, laughter, adventures and a whole lot of magic!

Lots of Love,


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