23 June 2017

Disneyland Paris Haul │ June 2017

If you've been following me on social media, then you'll know that I've just got back from another trip to Disneyland Paris. So before I start with the daily trip reports, I thought that I'd show you some of the things that I bought. I love reading these posts as I think that it gives people an idea of what type of merchandise is available to buy in the park. I think that the variety and quality of products are better in a Disneyland Park than they are in the Disney Store, so when I'm in Disneyland Paris I always make sure to pick up everything that I love. The things I will be showing in this post have been bought in both April and June and I know that the majority of them are still available. 

As a regular visitor to Disneyland Paris, I find that the merchandise can be repetitive so I buy less and less for every trip that I go on. Let's face it, there are only so many tsum tsums and snow globes that one person can own. However, I've recently started to collect pins so I spend a lot of my money on them, I think they're the perfect thing to commemorate a trip and each one of my pins has a special meaning or memory behind it. Aside from meeting characters and going on rides, my favourite thing to do after the Park has closed is browsing the shops on Main Street and in the Disney Village. My favourite places to shop are Main Street Emporium, Lily's Boutique, Flora's Boutique and World of Disney; this is where most of my money will be spent and the 20% discount from my annual pass makes things even better. 

Disneyland Paris 25th Snow Globe (€5.99)

♥ Tsum Tsums (€5.99 Each)

♥ Donald Duck Plush (€?)

I bought a snow globe from the 20th Anniversary in 2012, so it only felt right that I got one to commemorate the 25th. I bought this in April from Main Street Emporium and it's currently sat surrounded by fairy lights on my window ledge. I think it's a very subtle thing to commemorate the 25th celebrations and it doesn't take up too much room; I can't justify buying any more merchandise because I simply don't have room to store it. 

On each trip, I buy a tsum tsum to remind me of my favourite character meet on that trip. I got a small Eeyore on the day that I disneybounded as him (and because we had the cutest interaction ever) and a Tinkerbell to remind me of my 25th-anniversary trip. I don't think Tink is available to buy anymore, but I know that most of the other main characters are as I bought Mickey last week. 

If you know me well, then you'll know that I'm a complete softie for plushes. If I see something that is cute and fluffy then I just have to buy it. I'd had my eye on the Donald plush since October and when I saw Cara buy hers in April, I couldn't resist and treated myself to one too. I literally don't have any more room on my bed to store these plushes but they're too cute to leave. I can't remember the exact price of this plush but it's so fluffy, so cute and is available in most of the shops. If you want a small piece of advice, buy your plushes in Disneyland Paris instead of the Disney Store; they're definitely fluffier! 

♥ Minnie Mouse Note Book (€7.99)

♥ 25th Anniversary Pen (€5.99)

I own so many notebooks, I have a cupboard full of them. I think it's an addiction because there isn't a more satisfying feeling than opening a new notebook and writing in your neatest hand writing on the first page. I've dedicated this notebook to my blogging and adventures (I'm currently using it now to help with this blog post) and I found it near the till in Main Street Emporium. Of course with every notebook, you need a cute pen. I already have the Minnie and Marie pens so I bought the 25th pen to add to my collection. They're super cute and the perfect accessory to add a sprinkle of Disney magic to your office. 

Lanyard (€9.99)

I adored this Thumper lanyard when I saw it in World of Disney so I just had to get it to help me store my ever growing collection of pins. My Mum started collecting pins for me when I was younger in preparation for when I wanted to start collecting them. It's taken 15 years but I've finally got the pin bug and I'm obsessed. They're the perfect keepsake and as they don't take up too much room, I can justify buying them. 

Mickey Mouse 25th Pin (€8.99)

♥ Tigger and Eeyore (bought in a set for €15)

♥ Happy Birthday Pin (€9.99)

 ♥ Tinkerbell 25th Pin (€9.99)

♥ Peter Pan's Flight Pin (€7.99)

I bought most of these pins in April and I know that they're all still available in the park. I find that the best places to buy pins are the Pin Trading Post opposite Casey's, World of Disney and the shop in the Disneyland Hotel. My 25th Anniversary trip was so special to me and I wanted to get a lot of merchandise to commemorate it. It still baffles me that I can say I was actually there on the official birthday and was able to see the celebrations with my own eyes. This was my reasoning for buying the Mickey and Tinkerbell pins; Mickey because he's the Main Mouse and Tinkerbell because she reminds me of the little statues placed around the park. 

The Eeyore and Tigger pins were bought as part of a set in World of Disney. I'd had amazing interactions with both the characters in Inventions and those pins remind me of that. The set included a Winnie and Piglet pin which Cara took as those two are her favourites from the One Hundred Acre Wood gang. I also got my first ride pin of Peter Pan's Flight which is my favourite ride in the park. I have to go on it every single time I visit so it is a pin that will forever be special to me. And finally, I purchased my 'Happy Birthday' pin last week to remind me of my 20th Birthday trip. I absolutely loved this pin as the characters spin around the Happy Birthday sign which I think is adorable. 

♥ Mickey Mouse Ring (€26.99)

♥ Disneyland Paris Jumper (€44.99)

I've never taken notice of the Disneyland Paris clothing merchandise until my most recent trip. I became obsessed with all of the jewellery on display and couldn't leave this sparling Mickey ring alone. I tried to talk myself out of it but before I knew it, it'd been paid for and was on my finger. I wear this ring every single day and I love it because it's the perfect accessory to add a sprinkle of Disney into every outfit. I bought this from one of the boutiques in Fantasyland but I know it's available in most of the shops in the park. 

And finally, it's time to tell you about my favourite thing I bought, and the thing I'm wearing whilst writing this blog post. I saw most of my friends pick up the grey Disneyland Paris jumper in January, but by the time I got there in April, they'd all gone. I was gutted because I thought that it was a limited edition thing so when I saw a rack of them hung up in World of Disney, I claimed one straight away. The thing I love the most about this jumper is that it's not in your face. I think a lot of the clothing merchandise in any Disney Park screams 'I'VE BEEN TO DISNEYLAND' and although that isn't a bad thing, I feel like subtle merchandise is more versatile. This jumper is so cosy and warm and I've pretty much worn it every single day since I bought it. I'm aware it's on the more expensive side of the merchandise in this post but it was so worth it and I would urge every single person to go out and buy one. If jumpers aren't your thing, they also have a t-shirt of the same design which is just as cute and would look perfect styled with mom jeans and converse. 

What's on your Disney wish-list?

Lots of Love,


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