15 August 2019

A Summer Soiree At Aether

Photography by Jason Roberts

What's the perfect way to spend a British Summer Evening?
If you're anything like me then your answer will include cocktails, a sunset and people who bring out the best in you. There's nothing I love more than a warm evening spent drinking, laughing and reminiscing with friends, to me that's what summer is all about AND I've found the perfect place to do it.

Introducing Aether

Situated in the heart of the city above Liverpool One, Aether is celebrated for its experimentally crafted cocktails and opulent interiors and is quickly becoming one of my favourite bars in the city. 

On Friday 9th August, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Aether Summer Soiree for an evening of cocktails, canapés and live music. On arrival we enjoyed a glass of Fiero Spritz, along with cocktails from their new Summer menu; including a zesty Chill Chocolate cocktail featuring Santa Teresa rum, and the Instagram worthy Tanqueray based Bee Sting cocktail. I can fully confirm Aether make the best cocktails in Liverpool. 

Photography by Jason Roberts

The bar has a very sophisticated vibe, with its chic décor, large open windows and wooden terrace decked with sofas and chairs for those warmer evenings (which we sadly weren't blessed with). It's the perfect place for a date night or an evening drinking cocktails with the girls, even spending time with the family. My Dad accompanied me to the event and even though he's not a cocktail drinker, he can't wait to go back (and believe me, if it's got my Dad's approval, it must be bloody good!).

We spent the evening chatting, sipping on a wide variety of cocktails and listening to the live band put some modern twists on classic tunes. Being in such a chilled environment with such positive lovely vibes put me in the best mood. It was the perfect way to end the working week and start the weekend off in style.

Photography by Jason Roberts

East River, a new restaurant based on Allerton Road which is inspired by the delis of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, provided canapés for the evening. We enjoyed succulent lamb skewers, bagel samples, fresh salmon bowls along with more light bites. I was very fond of the salmon bowl which we were able to eat with chopsticks (although I gave up half way through, far too twiddly for me). 

We stayed at Aether late into the evening as the live band was replaced by a DJ playing soul, jazz and modern classics which, as you can imagine, was right up my street. We even tried a Gin Fizz cocktail from the 'Seasonal Spritz' menu (a mix of Tanqueray, tonic, elderflower and violette soda) which was absolutely divine - definitely my favourite of the night.

Although I would class the bar as high-end, the cocktails are reasonably priced and well worth the money especially when you consider your beautiful surroundings and the skill of the bar staff who make, shake and prepare each drink in front of you.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that each cocktail on the menu is inspired by the elements. I can't wait to go back and try 'Peaches and Bae Daiquiri' from the Earth menu. A blend of bay leaf ketel one, peaches, vanilla, citrus and creamy peach - now doesn't that sound dreamy? *inserts heart eyes*

It was a place that was full of so much love and calmness that we didn't want to leave but sadly, the night couldn't last forever. Upon leaving, we were given miniature bottles of flavoured liquor to take home, which when added to a mixer created the perfect summer cocktail. 

With its innovative cocktail menu, stylish interiors, and lively ambiance, often enhanced with live music, Aether is already a firm-favourite with cocktail aficionados and provides the perfect spot for socialising with family and friends this summer, or any season for that matter. 

I can't wait to visit Aether again, it's my go-to place for a date night, an evening with the girls, a birthday celebration, a quick drink after a shopping trip and any other opportunity I get to try a new cocktail from the menu. 

Thanks for a fabulous evening Aether, you're my new favourite bar in the city, that's for sure. 

Lots of Love,
Meg x


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