31 May 2015

Take That Live Tour

Ever since I was a very little girl, I've always wanted to see Take That live. I remember when my mum bought their 'Greatest Hits' album and played it every single day, mainly because I always nagged her too. I was brought up on their music, but sadly, I was never able to see them in concert because I was always classed as 'too young' or simply because we could never get tickets. However, when they announced that they were going on their arena tour, I begged and begged and begged my mum to get tickets, and luckily for us, she managed to get them! Now, Take That normally consists of Mark, Gary, Howard, Jason and Robbie but because Jason and Robbie left, I saw, in the words of Mark Owen "What is left of Take That".

Last night, my childhood dreams came true and I saw Take That in concert. It was all I dreamed it would be and more. My friends had been to a previous show and had told me that it was spectacular, but no words can describe how insane the show was, like you have to go for yourself. I go to quite a few concerts, but this was unlike any show I had ever seen before. It was like a mixture of a theatre show and a concert; there was something going on on the stage at all times. The set was beautiful, it was constantly changing to fit the mood of the songs and it never failed to astound me. Plus, the lads were so funny and so down to earth, after all these years, they can still put on an amazing show and it's clear that they love what they do. Gary Barlow mentioned that although concerts cost a lot, not just tickets, because there's food and merchandise, but it means the world to them that they can still sell out Arenas after 25 years of being in the business, and people still want to hear them sing. 

Ella Henderson kicked off the show performing singles from her debut album 'Chapter One' and she was amazing. Ella is SO talented and her vocals are just on point. If I had a voice like hers I would never shut up singing. Then we waited in anticipation for Take That. 

Gary, Mark and Howard sang songs from their new album 'III' as well as performing some of their greatest hits such as 'Relight My Fire', 'Could It Be Magic' and 'Pray'. My favourite Take That song is 'Greatest Day' and hearing it performed live was an experience I will never forget. I felt so sorry for the women stood next to me, I literally sang every word to every song, they must've been so fed up of me. The trouble is, I don't sing at concerts, it's more like hysteria (well, it definitely was hysteria last night). I went to the show with my Mum & Dad because it was also a dream of my Mum's to see Take That (she has the biggest crush on Howard). It was so amazing to see people of so many different ages, there were young kids there with their parents and some with their grandparents! It just proves how many generations Take That reaches out too. I wish my Mum would've let me go to concerts when I was six. 

I think I had two memories that really stick in my mind from last night, although the whole thing will be embedded in my memory forever. When the boys sang 'Rule The World' the whole arena was literally a blanket of lights, it was like a starry sky. We were on the very back row of the upper tier, but we still had an amazing view, and when this particular moment happened, it was honestly so magical. Then came the final song of the night. Take That ended on possibly their greatest song of all time 'Never Forget'. Now this song is the song that I have forever wanted to hear performed live. It was AMAZING! The whole arena did the famous 'hands in the air, clap' move and it was just so memorable. I was singing the song all the way home (much to the annoyance of my parents). 

I can't thank Take That enough for putting on one of the most amazing, memorable shows that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Here are some photos I took of last night! :)

Ella Henderson

Arena full of lights during 'Rule The World'

'Let in the Sun'

'The Garden'

"I'm Mark. I'm Gary. I'm Howard...And we are what is left of Take That"

'For the first time since last night, we are going to sit on these stools'

Amazing dancers

They literally flew...like literally.

"We've come a long way, but we're not too sure where we've been"

Standing Ovation

& Momma

Extreme Excitement with Dad!
Lots of Love
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