3 June 2015

Exams don't define you

I know a lot of people, particularly younger people, are extremely stressed about the exams that they have coming up; whether that be GCSE's, A-Levels or University Exams. I'm currently in Year 13 and am sitting my A-Levels at the moment, hoping to get the grades in order to allow me to get into  University next year. It's a pretty stressful time, and there's so much pressure from a lot of people to do well and make sure that you get the grades to get into College or University; but at the end of the day, the exam results you get really don't define you as a person. 

I spend most of my nights behind at College, because I work better when there's no one around, and as I was sat working, I overheard people talking about how they'd completely failed an exam they had that day. They were almost in tears and were crying because they wouldn't get into University. This is how messed up our education system is. At the end of the day, you can do 500 hours of revision, but nothing can 100% prepare you for what question or what text you are actually going to get on the day. Therefore, just because you failed one stupid exam doesn't mean you're absolutely rubbish at the subject. This is the problem. We're pressured so much to do well, but yet the exam results we get don't define us as a person. you could be the greatest writer in the world, but yet place you into an English exam and you could get a grade E. Does that make you any worse of a writer than you were before? Or does it mean that you've just had a bad day in the exam hall. 

The trouble with exams is that they feel that for a subject to be classed as a degree, you must sit an exam. One example of this is drama; I'm a drama student and for our exam, we must perform a practical piece of work and then write, in an hour, how we would direct a certain scene of a play we have chosen to study. In my opinion, this is ridiculous. Exams are not everyone's strong point, therefore they may have taken a subject that is practical based in order to express themselves because they are a creative person. Surely the best way to let them direct something would be to give them a section of the chosen play, a bunch of actors and let them stage it themselves. I know I'd much prefer that. Also, the fact it needs to be written in an hour is absolutely ridiculous. 

This is another thing; exams are getting harder, which really doesn't help matters. I absolutely love to read (as most of you know) and when choosing my a-levels, I chose to take English Literature. Being an aspiring writer, and also loving to read, you realise how much of a messed up subject this is. When I read a book, and the author says 'The room was painted green' you automatically think of a green room, you don't think 'Oh, this represents her love of nature'. It's completely pointless. And the fact that the students aren't allowed to take any form of book into the exam with them, therefore having to remember quotes, is ridiculous. When did this turn into a memory test? Remembering quotes from a book is not going to get my anywhere in life. The same with algebra and Pi, I've never used them, and I never intend to use them either.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that, your exams don't define your future. Everything happens for a reason, and even if you fail one stupid exam, it doesn't mean you're any worse of  a human being, or that you're rubbish at that particular subject. Everything happens for a reason.

Good Luck in your Exams!
Lots of Love,

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