28 August 2015

Acceptance and Happiness

Hello Everyone!
Recently, I've found myself worrying about what other people think about me. I'm aware that everyone does this, of course if someone walks past you and starts laughing, you assume they're laughing at you don't you? With this worry has brought a lot of self consciousness and a lot of unhappiness with myself. I seemed to be hating myself for things such as my acne, my weight, my personality, the way I dressed. These are things that I thought I had come to terms with previously. 

Not wanting to bother anyone, I didn't really speak about it, I just thought it was a phase that would pass and then I'd be back to my happy little self again. A few nights ago, I received a phone call from a very close friend of mine; she was feeling upset and needed someone to talk too. When she told me what was wrong, she seemed to explain the exact way I was feeling. I got off the phone from her after giving her some advice and cheering her up, and I thought "Why don't you just take your own advice?"

Just because you have some blemishes on your skin, or even if you suffer from acne like I do, it really doesn't define you as a person. In fact, it just adds to who you are. It's a little piece of you, and without it, you wouldn't be you. The little imperfections on your face don't change you as a person, they don't change your personality and if people judge you just because of it then they're not worth having in your life anyway are they? Just think, you're not the only person waking up in the morning looking in the mirror, with skin that you think looks as bumpy as Mount Everest. There'll be thousands of others doing the same thing. Remember that your skin DOES NOT define you! 

Weight. It's a thing so many people have insecurities about. Instead of wishing you had the figure of someone else or trying to make your body model material, embrace what you have. I'm pretty sure there's people who look at you and wish they had your figure. Never be embarrassed of what size you are, because that's how you were made and without it, you wouldn't look like you. Be unique and embrace what you've got instead of trying to change it.

The clothes you wear can really define the type of person you are, and it's a really good way of expressing yourself. Recently, I got to a point where I was being invited to parties and having to go out and buy new outfits because I'd already worn certain things to certain events and there were photos of me in the outfit online. Now, I really couldn't care less. I paid good money for that outfit, and I paid the money to wear it. People don't look at what you're wearing, unless you're dressed like a clown, then maybe they might just have a little peek. If people judge you for the things you wear; they're obviously immature and you really need to get them out of your life. 

What I'm trying to say, is that your imperfections really don't define you. Just because your skin may not look right doesn't mean that you're any less beautiful. Just because you may have a little more weight on your body doesn't mean that you can't still look fabulous. Just because you don't dress like others think you should dress doesn't affect your personality; if you're comfy, screw everyone else! Don't let anyone dull your sparkle. The less you care, the happier you'll be, I promise!

I hope this gives you a little bit of positivity and hope!
Lots of Love


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