2 September 2015

Why Audrey Hepburn Inspires Me

Hello Everyone!
Ever since I was a little girl, the one person who has inspired me is the beautiful Audrey Hepburn. My Mum had the biggest poster of Audrey in her room, and I remember I used to sit in her old bedroom at my Grandma and Grandad's house, just looking and trying to style my hair like hers. As I grew up, I became more aware of who Audrey was and immediately fell in love with her. It was during a conversation with someone a few days ago that inspired me to write this blog post. We were talking about classic Hollywood Stars and I said that Audrey Hepburn was one of my idols, to which they asked "Why's she your idol? All she does is act" when in fact, she did so much more.

The main reason I love and idolise Audrey Hepburn so much is not because she's a talented actress, but because of her effortless elegance. From the way she dressed to the way she composed herself, Audrey always had such class about her. Not once have I ever seen her looking horrible, she always had so much respect for herself, and I think if more females were like that today, society would be happier. Audrey always believed that "Happy Girls are the Prettiest" and this is something to live by. As long as you wear a smile, the world will smile back at you.

Audrey was never one to plaster herself in make-up, she had such a natural, effortless look and I think that this natural beauty is what made people love her so much. Her smile could light up any room she walked into, and she always looked so content and so happy, even when she probably wasn't.

I also admire Audrey for the work she did for Charity. This is something that is always so overlooked. People recognise her for acting in films and stage shows, but they don't recognise her as the amazing ambassador she was for UNICEF. Audrey did so much work for Charity, and frankly, I think that it's something that people should recognise. She had the biggest heart and I really do admire her for this. 

Ever though this is something everyone was expecting, I admire Audrey Hepburn because she's such a talented performer. Since being young, I've always loved to act. I remember watching Audrey in the film 'Roman Holiday' and I just idolised her. The way she acted, the way she was, it just inspired me. I also remember hearing her sing for the first time, and I couldn't quite believe how talented this woman was. Everything about her was flawless.

Who Inspires you?
Lots of Love


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