7 January 2016

Diorskin Star Foundation

I was browsing through Debenhams a couple of weeks ago in the makeup section. It's my favourite section of the store; it's just so pretty. My mum and I often take trips there to go and look at the new products and try out the new perfumes, it's like a tradition every time we go shopping. As we were walking through, a lady who worked behind the Dior counter approached me and asked me if I wore foundation. I said yes, and she offered me the chance to try out the new Dior Star Foundation. This offer came at the best time, because I was actually on the look out for a new foundation.

So, I headed over to the chair with my mum, who was very excited because she's always wanted to have her make-up done by a professional make up artist at the different counters you see around the store. The lady came along and started to take my make up off, this was because she was going to be matching the foundation to my skin. Once all the make up had been removed, she placed a little machine on my skin which then matched my foundation perfectly. And let me say, it really did. It made my skin look flawless, but at £36, it was a little too pricey for me and I reluctantly left it at the store.

On Christmas morning, I rushed down the stairs to see what would be surprising me in my stocking. Then, I found a little rectangular package. I'd told mum not to get me the foundation for Christmas because it was too expensive and I didn't want her spending a lot on me. But, when I opened the little package, there was the foundation I'd tried on, and loved, at the Dior counter.

Now, onto the review! I honestly love this foundation. It has a really natural coverage which is build-able if your skin is having a little bit of an off day, which lets be honest, is going to happen at some point this year. It has an SPF of 30 which is perfect if you're going to be wearing it during the day. The application itself is perfect, I've started to use one of those really cool sponges. I can't see myself applying foundation with anything else. Plus, you only need a few pumps of the foundation to cover the whole of your face, so I can see this lasting me quite a while. The packaging looks so professional, and as this is one of the first high brand make-up items I have owned, I'm going to be looking after it a lot. Although this is on the pricier side, I would definitely recommend it if you're looking to try out a new foundation. I would also say to get it matched to your skin before you purchase it, just so that you know you're getting the right colour.

I love how natural this makes my skin look. I wore it to a New Year Party and I got a lot of compliments about how smooth and lovely my foundation looked. It also provides the perfect base so add on bronzer, highlighter and blusher. And, here's the best part, it actually stays! My make-up lasted the whole night, it didn't even move; perfect! I honestly can't rave about this foundation enough. I'm still going to be using my trusty No.7 foundation during the day time, but I will be wearing this on special occasions and when I feel like having a good make-up day. Wow, I wish everyday was a good make-up day.

If you would like to know, the colour of my foundation is 012 Porcelain.

Lots of Love,

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