11 January 2016

Jimmy Choo: Flash

Perfume. It's one of the many essentials in a girls life. I think it's always important to smell nice, even if you're just nipping down to the shop for some milk. I always take a lot of pride in what perfume I use, and I love to experiment. My mum has the nicest collection of perfume in her room, so I have been known to steal that from time to time. 

It's not often you see a lot of perfume reviews on the internet, so I'm going to change that. I was very lucky this Christmas, and got a lot of lovely things from my friends and family, one of which was this perfume. This is Jimmy Choo 'Flash' and was one of the perfumes in my mum's collection. I tended to use her Chanel, but she knew I just wanted an everyday perfume so she thought this would be perfect. I  received this as a wonderful present on Christmas morning, and my mum definitely made the right decision. 

The scent isn't too strong, meaning that it's perfect for both the day time and the night time. I always wear perfume when I'm going out so I go through them quite quickly. The smell of this is absolutely gorgeous, it's got an elegance to it, but it's also got a nice fruity smell. I've been wearing this quite a lot, and I've got a lot of compliments from people asking me what perfume I have on and telling me I smell nice. When I'm not wearing this, I'm literally like a walking talking Soap & Glory section of Boots. 

I really like the shiny packaging of this product, I think it's really eye catching and it adds to the elegance. I think some products you buy, such as some celebrity scents, can smell "cheap" and not very nice, but this is absolutely gorgeous. It's also the perfect size to just keep in your bag, so if you need a little spritz during the day, then it's always there. I always take this to work with me. I love it! 

If you're looking to try out a new perfume then I would definitely recommend this!

Lots of Love


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