15 January 2016

The Disneyland Paris Tag

I was browsing through YouTube the other day when I saw the lovely Ellie doing the 'Disneyland Paris Tag'. This looked like a lot of fun, and because you all know how much I love sharing my Disney experiences, I thought it'd be an appropriate thing to write about on here. Also, before I start, may I just say how much I love the photo for this blog post; it was my favourite one of the whole trip, apart from the one of me and Peter Pan of course!
Now, on with the tag...

1) When was your first trip and how many times have you been?
The first time I went to Disneyland Paris, I was five years old. This means the first time I went to Disney was 2002. My Mum and Dad made one of those Disney Reaction videos, and I literally screamed the house down when they told me; I went and jumped on my Grandma and told her that we could finally see Dopey. It's the cutest video I have. Since then, I think I've been around 7 or 8 times. Of course, it's my favourite place to go on holiday!

2)What Disney hotels have you stayed in? One that you haven't stayed in that you'd like too?
I've stayed in a variety of the Disney hotels, and even though they're all very different, they were all magical. The first few times we went, we stayed in the Santa Fe Hotel, or the Explorers Hotel. Then, when we went on our special trip at New Year, we stayed in the Newport Bay which was beautiful. When I went with school, I stayed in the Kyraid Hotel, and then when we went last year we stayed in the Sequoia Lodge, which is the perfect hotel in the Summer, I miss it so much. If I could stay in one hotel that I haven't stayed in yet, I'd of course choose the Disney Hotel. It's my absolute dream to stay there one day, and I'll hopefully be able to afford that in the next few years.  

3) What is your favourite restaurant?
This is a really really hard one because there are a lot of lovely restaurants in Disneyland Paris. I think my favourite restaurant in the Disney Park is Auberge de Cendrillon which is the Princess restaurant based in Fantasyland. And in the Disney Village, my favourite restaurant is Annette's Diner because I love the fact they skate around on roller skates as they serve you. It's insane. 

4) A restaurant you'd like to eat in that you haven't yet?
I've not tried a few of the restaurants in the Disney Parks, but I think the one I would absolutely love to try is the 'Blue Lagoon' in Adventureland. I especially love the fact you'd be able to see everyone on the Pirates of a Caribbean ride. 

5) Your favourite quick service/fast food?
When we go, we never really tend to go to get fast food, just because I'm either queuing for characters or because we have a massive breakfast in the morning. Although, if I had to choose, I think I'd choose the Hakuna Matata restaurant. It's so cute, and it has amazing food too!

6) What is your favourite shop?
I think this is probably the most common answer from people, but I think my favourite shop is definitely 'World of Disney'. It literally has everything you could ever want, and it's absolutely huge. I'd say you'd need a good hour, maybe two, to get around the whole shop. It's worth a visit though, I don't think you can go to Disney and not visit. I also really like the Tower of Terror shop, because the cast members in there are like the cast members on the ride; they're constantly in character. 

7) Your favourite season or event?
My favourite season at Disney is probably Summer, just because it's beautiful in the sunshine. I also love Christmas too, that is the most magical thing I have experienced in my life. I really can't decide between the two, it's impossible. 

8) Disneyland Paris or Walt Disney Studios?
You all probably know what my answer to this is going to be, but I completely prefer Disneyland Paris over Walt Disney Studios. I feel like Disneyland Paris is more magical, and is a lot more Disney, if that makes sense. 

9) Your favourite ride in each park?
Ooooh, this is so so hard! Okay so, my favourite ride in Disneyland Paris is either Big Thunder Mountain or Peter Pan's Flight and then in the Studios, I think I would probably say Ratatouille; it's only very new, but it's one of my favourites and I love it. 

10) Your favourite land in the Disneyland Park?
Is it me, or are these questions getting harder and harder?!
I'm going to say my favourite land is either Fantasyland or Adventureland...but then again I love Frontierland too. Why is this so hard?! Okay, I'm going to go with Fantasyland, just because it's the most magical land in the Disney Parks. 

11) Your favourite character meet?
We met a lot of characters when we went in the Summer, but I think my favourite characters to meet were Chip & Dale (because they're so cheeky) and Peter Pan because he was the kindest most lovely person to meet. He actually made my year, I'm not kidding. 

12) Your best character meet and greet experience?
I've had some amazing character meet and greet experiences in the parks. I think my top one would have to be when I met Peter Pan in June. "Be Brave and  Never Grow Up" I'm just going to leave that there. My life was literally complete. But, I also met Snow White when I was 9, and that was one of the most magical experiences of my life. I remember her coming over to our table and I literally just stared at her in complete awe. My Mum had to speak for me because I couldn't talk; she's always been my favourite Princess. 

13) Your happiest or best Disneyland Paris memory?
Some of my happiest memories come from being at Disneyland Paris with my family and friends. I think one of the fondest memories for me was when I was younger and I went dressed as snow white to the Park for the day. 

We were stood watching the Parade, and Snow White's float was approaching. The Seven Dwarfs were dancing at the front, and I was clapping along. I was only about seven years old, so this was a massive deal for me. As Snow White has always been my favourite Princess, and Dopey my favourite Dwarf, my Dad shouted to them. My Dad has the loudest voice ever, so when they heard him, Dopey came running over, and they all followed. I was bombarded with hugs and cuddles from the Dwarfs. My Mum had a video of it somewhere, but the Dwarfs knocked her camera and she turned it off. They then took me around the Parade with them, and Snow White blew me a kiss. I think I was happy for the rest of the year. 

So, I hope you've enjoyed reading some more about my Disney memories. I know I've certainly enjoyed writing all about them. I tag anyone who wants to do this tag!

Lots of Love,


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