25 January 2016

No.7 Stay Perfect Foundation

I feel like I really need to get better with this whole blog schedule thing. One minute, I bombard you guys with posts, and then the next minute, I'm missing action and you all start to wonder where I've got too. Well, I'm back again, and I'm back with another make up review for you (Yaaaaaay!).

For me, there's nothing better than going out and getting fresh new make up. There's that satisfaction when you open it when you get home and try it out, and it just makes your skin look perfect. Does anyone else find that when you use new make up for the first time, it always goes better than it ever normally does, or is that just me? 

I'm very surprised that I haven't actually reviewed this product before, because it's something I've been using for a very very long time. This is the No.7 Stay Perfect Foundation, and you've probably seen me mention it in previous blog posts. I recently did a post about the DiorSkin Star foundation, which is amazing, but this is the foundation that I tend to use on a daily basis. It's not as expensive as the Dior foundation but is still just as good. I really trust No.7 when it comes to make up, they always seem to get it right, and the people who work on the No.7 counter in Boots are absolutely lovely; they're so helpful and so up to date with the latest make-up looks. 

I get the Stay Perfect foundation in the colour 'cool vanilla' and it comes in at £14.50 which isn't too bad if you ask me. The thing about this foundation is, that it lasts for absolutely ages. I tend to go through about two of these a year, and I've started to wear foundation a lot more than I used too, so it's perfect if you're wear foundation a lot. I got my colour matched at the boots counter, it takes about five minutes and it just ensures that you're getting the right colour for your skin. Once they know your skin colour, they can match blusher, concealer and lipstick too! 

The foundation claims to 'stay perfect' for 24 hours, and although I haven't worn it for 24 hours, I can definitely say, it's a foundation that lasts throughout the day. I tend to combine it with powder too though, just to make sure it sets and that it doesn't move. It's medium coverage, which is build-able, so it's perfect for people with blemishes, or acne, like me. It also has an SPF of 15, so it's protecting your skin too! I really like the application of this product, you only need two small pumps to cover the whole of your face, which once again saves you money (and sometimes it's on offer anyway!). 

I literally swear by this foundation, and if you're looking for a new foundation to try out, then I would definitely recommend to try this out. You can buy the product, and read more reviews about it here.

What's your go-to foundation?

Lots of Love


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