23 March 2016

My Disney Confessions

I've seen so many people doing this post recently, and I thought I'd join in because it looks like fun! Plus I love sharing Disney stories with you all, sooo get ready for some more. I really love reading other peoples Disney confessions. Here are some that I've been reading...

So, I guess I'm just ready to reveal things that I'm pretty embarrassed about. When I tell people these things, they look at me like I'm stupid and question if I'm really a true Disney fan. Also, most of them are probably very unpopular opinions; so please don't hate me. And if you've ever been a Disney Cast Member, you'll probably relate to some of these too! Here goes...

1) I've never seen the Lion King.
Yep, I know that sounds pretty bad, well it is pretty bad, but I've just never got around to watching it. I've had 18 years, I know. I mean I know all the characters, all the songs, and I pretty much know what happens so it's all cool...right?

2) Being a Disney Cast Member is not what I thought it would be.
When I first got the call to tell me that I'd got the job working in the Disney Store, I was literally over the moon, and like anyone, I thought I was going to have the best job in the world. It's only when you start working there that you realize that you do exactly the same as someone who works in New Look does. People always used to come to me and say, "Oh my god you have the best job in the world" and true, I loved my job more than anything, but you don't get to dress up like Cinderella everyday.

3) There's a lot of bitchiness between Cast Members
Where I worked, a lot of the cast members working with me weren't very nice and didn't even know much about Disney at all. One of them even told me that they weren't really a fan, it was just a job they could get. Also, they're so miserable most of the time. At least smile!! 

4) When I was five, my Dad told me Mickey Mouse didn't exist.
Yep, that's right. It was my first trip to DLRP, we were in the queue for something and I saw Mickey Mouse. I was like "Mum! Mum! Mum! Can we go meet Mickey?!" and my Mum was totally up for it, but because Dad wanted to do what we were queuing for, he simply said 'Oh shush Megan, it's only a man in a costume". Luckily I didn't hear him or take any notice, but it's caught on video for everyone to see. I laugh about it now. 

When working in the Disney Store, the amount of guests you'd have come up to you and say "Excuse me, could you tell me where your Shrek merchandise is please?". SHREK ISN'T DISNEY, IT'S DREAMWORKS! 

6) When I was younger, I turned down the chance to dance in the Parade
It was probably the worst decision I made. I hate myself for it. 

7) I actually adore DLRP and think it will always be one of my favourite Disney Parks.
Even though I've never been, so my argument is kind of invalid, I just think WDW will just be a little bit too big for me.

8) I'm obsessed with tsum tsums.
I just go and look at them, think they're cute and buy more and more. Someone stop me. Please.

9) I don't hate Frozen
But I do think it's extremely over-rated. I mean, I don't get the hype over it, and I think people should let it simmer down now. But it is a really really good film, and the songs are just soooo catchy!

10) I have never seen any of the Marvel/Star Wars movies
I just don't see them as Disney...sorry!

Sooooo, those are my Disney Confessions.
If you do this post, I'd love to hear what your Disney confessions are. And also go and check out the lovely ladies who are tagged above!

Lots of Love


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