23 March 2016

The 30 Disney Questions Tag

If you hadn't guessed it by now, doing Disney tags is one of my favourite things to do. There's nothing I love more than sharing my Disney thoughts and memories with people who love Disney as much as I do! Today, I'm going to be doing the 30 Disney Questions tag and I'm very excited!
So, lets get on with it! 

1) Favourite Character?
Peter Pan, without a doubt. He was the character on my cast member badge in store, and I absolutely adore him.

2) Favourite Princess?
Snow White. I don't think any Princess will ever come close to her. I mean she's the original Disney Princess, she's beautiful.

3) Favourite Heroine?
Tinkerbell. Okay, so you're thinking "Tink's not a heroine". In my eyes, she's a heroine in her own right; she warns Peter about the bomb and therefore saves him. I want a Tink of my own.

4) Favourite Prince?
Prince Eric. Isn't he just the most beautiful man you've ever seen?

5) Favourite Hero?
Roquefort from the Aristocats. I know he's not the conventional hero, but he always tries his best to save Duchess and the Kittens. When Thomas O'Malley sends him to get Scatcat, he goes into the dingy dark streets, and almost gets eaten. But he'll do anything to save the kittens; he's so brave!

6) Favourite Animal?
I've done really well in not giving two answers for things, but I'm breaking that now (oops sorry). I have three favourite animals and you can't really make me pick between them. They have to be Flounder, Jiminy Cricket and Marie from the Aristocats. I just love them all; especially Marie because she's just the cutest little kitten!

7) Favourite Sidekick?
Pascal, without a doubt. I mean he keeps Rapunzel company and lets her dress him up. What more could you want in a companion really?

8) Favourite Villain?
This has been the easiest question for me to answer so far. Maleficent. I remember seeing her in the Parade the first time I went to Disney and I was just mesmerized by her. I was also petrified, because Mum used to tell me that if I looked in the mirror too long, she'd come out and get me.

9) Favourite Original Character?
I think it'd have to be between Pluto because he's adorable and Chip & Dale because they're so cheeky.

10) Favourite Love Song?
Definitely 'I See the Light' from Tangled because it gets me every single time.

11) Favourite Song?
I answered this in the Disney music tag I posted last week, but my favourite song is 'Part of your World' from The Little Mermaid

12) Favourite Villain Song?
Definitely 'Mother Knows Best' from Tangled. It reminds me of being in Drama with my friends last year and just doing duets of that song over and over.

13) Least favourite song?
I don't think I hate any Disney song that I won't listen to it. Wow this is really really hard. Okay, I think my least favourite song, not saying that I hate it, is probably can you feel the love tonight from the Lion King. Unpopular opinion but there we go.

14) Favourite Kiss?
Ooooh don't you just love it when the film ends with a kiss. My favourite kiss is between Cinderella and her Prince and also Rapunzel and Flynn. They're just the cutest!

15) First Movie I saw?
The first ever Disney movie I saw was Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs. I think that's why it'll always be one of my favourites and Snow will always be one of my favourite Princesses. I remember coming home from school, running up stairs to put my Snow White dress on, getting my Dopey teddy and watching Snow White snuggled up on the sofa with my Grandad.

16) Favourite Classic?
Peter Pan, without a doubt. It always will be, he's my fave!

17) A song that always gets stuck in your head?
I've been singing this song forever, and it was a song I used to always listen to when I was younger. It's not from a Disney film, but it's from a DVD that was advertising DLRP. It's called 'Main Street USA' and I'll link it here.

18) Favourite Pixar Film?
Toy Story! I remember watching that film for the first time and trying to catch my toys moving my opening the door really really quickly.

19) Least favourite Pixar film?
Cars. I just didn't really enjoy the film.

20) Favourite Sequel?
This may come as a surprise to people, because I'm not picking Peter Pan Return to Neverland. My favourite sequel is actually Little Mermaid II Return to the Sea. I just love that film so much; sometimes I think I prefer it to the original Little Mermaid.

21) Overrated Movie?
As much as I love it; Frozen. I just don't think it's as awesome as everyone makes out; yeah the songs are catchy and Olaf is adorable but it's getting a bit boring now. I'm sorry.

22) Underrated Movie?
ENCHANTED!!! Why don't people give that film the credit it deserves. It's still one of my favourite films to watch to this day and it makes me so happy. I think because it's not animation, it doesn't get as much publicity.

23) Movie that makes you laugh?
Again, Enchanted. I think it's the one movie where the same bit makes me laugh every time. It's the bit where Edward stands up and starts singing and causes loads of bikes to crash. I'm laughing at it whilst typing this.

24) Movie that makes me cry?
Lilo & Stitch. If you don't cry when Stitch leaves and sees the little duckling with his family and realises he's all alone then you have no heart. I'm an emotional wreck after watching that film.

25) Saddest Scene?
When Tink starts to lose her magic in Peter Pan: Return to Neverland and her light starts to go out. I can't not cry, I mean, my little Tink.

26) Saddest Death?
Bing Bong from Inside Out. When her jumps off and so that Joy can get back to Riley. I remember just sitting in the cinema with Liv and crying into our popcorn.

27) Favourite Quote?
Okay so I have a few because I just love my Disney Quotes, but I'm sure that's okay because you guys love Disney quotes too!
"All you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust"
"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them"
"Remember you're the one who can fill the world with sunshine"

28) Favourite Theme Park?
As I've only ever visited DLRP, it's going to have to be there. But I love it so it's all good!

29) Favourite Attraction?
Big Thunder Mountain!! It's my most favourite ride ever, I just love it. We've had so many laughs during that ride, I can't wait for it to re-open!

30) Favourite Theme Park Show?
Disney Dreams, without a doubt. It's the most magical show and I cry every time I watch it. 

I really really enjoyed doing that tag!
If you want to do it, then feel free and make sure you link your answers in the comments so I can go and have a look at your favourite Disney things. 

Lots of Love & Pixie Dust


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