21 March 2016

More Disney Bows!

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll remember a post I did about the cute little Disney themed bows I got for our Disneyland Paris trip. If you don't, I'll link it HERE.
I was so completely obsessed with them, and I've started to wear them a lot more, so I took it upon myself to add to my collection and buy some more. I also convinced Liv to buy some too, because she thought mine were cute and was always looking at Ashley's different designs. 

So, after a lot of deliberation and a very hard decision as to which bows we wanted, we finally picked and ordered them. I already had the Peter Pan and Mermaid Lagoon bows, so chose to order the Eeyore, Jolly Holiday Bert and Kiss the Girl bows. Liv chose the Mary Poppins and Kiss the Girl bows too! We chose to get the mini bows, just because the smaller bows are a little more subtle to wear everyday. It's got to a point now in Uni where people are waiting to see which bow I have in every day. We chose the offer which was 5 mini bows for $13 but you need to pay for shipping to the UK so it costs a little bit more.

Once we'd placed our orders, we then had the agonizing wait for the email to tell us that they had been dispatched. We spoke about the bows a lot, we're not sad but we were just so excited to get them. It was during one of our random conversations that we realized, and this was totally not on purpose, that our bows matched. Obviously we'd both got the Kiss the Girl bows from the Little Mermaid; but Liv had also got Mary and I'd got Bert. They go together. We're just so cute!


It's a Jolly Holiday with Mary

Mary Poppins

Little Mermaid Kiss the Girl

We ordered our bows on the 9th January, and were told that they take around 4/5 weeks to make. They were shipped on the 15th February which was when I finally got the confirmation email telling me that they should be with us soon. We were given a final date for the bows to arrive on Etsy, and although they didn't arrive on that exact date, they arrived two days later. But, it was soooo worth the wait because the bows are just absolutely beautiful. I say this so much, but Ashley is so talented. You only really appreciate how much effort she puts into making these little trinkets of magic once you actually receive them. I just can't wait to go back to Disney and wear them so that my favourite characters can see them!

Liv and I went for brunch at our favourite cafe and thought it would be cute to take some photos of our new bows in our hair! So really sorry for some of the dodgy lighting but we were sat under a heater because it was cold but we wanted to sit outside; strange but lets just roll with it. The main picture at the top of the blog post gives a more accurate representation of the true colour of the bows. Plus look at my little cast member badge there just chilling in the middle. I miss working with the Disney Store.

If you want to check out some more of Ashley's Designs and want to order some bows yourself then check our her ETSY. The bows on there look exactly the same as they do in real life, super super cute! Let me know if you order bows so I can see how cute they are!

Lots of Love

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