25 June 2016

Disney Magic Cruise

It's been a while since I last posted, and I'm super sorry I haven't been doing any weekly update posts! I'll be continuing with them next week. Life has just been so hectic at the moment, I've had a lot going on, some of which I might actually tell you one day...maybe. 

As some of you may have noticed, there's been a lack of Disney on my blog for a little while. I try to keep things on here as varied as possible, but I feel like we need a little bit of Disney magic to jazz things up a little. Since I was a little girl, a dream of mine has been to go on a Disney Cruise. I remember buying the DVD's of my favourite films, seeing the cruises advertised and literally begging my mum to take me on one. I've never been on one yet, but there's always hope! 

Last week, the Disney Magic Cruiseline docked in Liverpool for the day. It had been here once before, but this time the city was welcoming Mickey Mouse with open arms. The Albert Dock was truly Disney-fied with the classic songs ringing through the streets and thousands of young children dressed as their favourite characters. It wasn't just for the kids though, it was like being in a Disney Park with all the adults wearing their Minnie Mouse ears. I was going to wear mine, but my Mum told me I'd look stupid. Obviously not. 

Along with a band playing Disney songs and a little fairy garden for the children to play in, there was a large screen showing some of the best Disney films ever including Mary Poppins, Toy Story and Frozen. The atmosphere was just electric, everyone was bounding around, so happy and without a care in the world, singing along to all the songs. It was honestly one of the most magical things I have ever experienced. 

Then we saw it, the beautiful creation that was the Disney Magic Cruiseline. It was quite emotional, I know that sounds silly but it just felt overwhelming. The magic and the atmosphere combined was incredible. I took some photos of the ship and then we headed to the dock, we were really lucky to be right at the front so we were able to see everything that went on. As a special little treat for the people of Liverpool, Disney allowed some of the characters to go on the deck to wave to people. As we only arrived in the late afternoon, we missed Mickey and Minnie and Chip and Dale.

When we got to the barrier, the Disney music rang from the entrance of the ship. I was told various times by my Mum to shut up singing but I just couldn't help it. Not to quote Elsa, but the cold didn't bother me; just being stood listening to Disney songs in the happiest atmosphere ever meant everything to me. As we watched all the people get onto the ship, whom I was incredibly jealous of, we played a game of how many people we could get to wave to us. The thing we were waiting for was the final set of characters to come on deck.

After being entertained by a lovely guest on the boat who got everyone singing along to the beatles and doing the YMCA, Stitch, Pluto and Goofy appeared. They all looked so cute in their nautical themed outfits and it made me even more jealous that I couldn't just go and give them a big hug. They danced along the deck to the music playing, and it honestly made my day. I got a massive kiss blown to me from Goofy and Pluto, but Stitch ran away. It was honestly the best day ever.

As the ship departed, it sounded it's infamous horn and Liverpool wished it goodbye with the most spectacular fireworks you have ever seen. Like I always say, no one does fireworks as amazing as Disney!

If you do get a chance to go and see the Disney Cruiseline then I would 100% recommend it. It was the most magical day of the year, I loved every second!

Lots of Love,

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