16 June 2016

My 19th Birthday

Well, I did it. I turned 19.
I actually do feel different, I know that seems very weird to say, but I feel older and more mature. I think I was getting very bored of being 18, the whole hype of being able to go out and drink legally had completely worn off and it seemed like I was just waiting to get older. So far, I've quite enjoyed being 19. I'm going to try and make this year a good one, one to remember. 

I don't think anything could have beaten my 18th birthday, and until my 21st, I don't think anything ever will. Regardless of that fact, I had the most wonderful day with my family and friends. It was quite emotional actually; I think birthdays really make you realise how much people think about you and for my friends to be wishing me a happy birthday or putting on awful photos *cough* Olivia Porteus *cough* really meant a lot to me.

I woke up to banners and balloons around the house and my dog running into my room with a card tied to his collar. Of course I am aware that my dog didn't actually write my card but it's the thought that counts (and imagination too of course!). I got some wonderful things from my Mum & Dad including the most beautiful Pandora ring (which I'd had my eye on for a long time) and the biggest Soap & Glory collection you could ever ask for. If there's one thing people know about me; it's that I love Soap & Glory.

My Grandma and Grandad then paid us a visit, and I was gifted with the most beautiful Audrey Hepburn bag. I'd had my eye on this for ages, but didn't ever expect for them to get it for me. As most of you know by now, Audrey Hepburn is someone I seriously look up too and I'm so in love with this bag. If I hadn't been spoilt enough already, my grandparents also got me some beautiful Little Mermaid pyjamas from Topshop. Throughout the day, there was little hints of Disney in my gifts.

Mum and Dad then told me that we were off on a mystery drive to go out for some lunch. I never normally get to spend my birthdays with the whole family as someone is always working or is busy, so we definitely made the most of the day together. We ended up in a lovely café called 'Whistles' which is actually where my best friend works, so I was able to see her which was super lovely! We had some coffee, cake and a general chit chat about life. It was just the loveliest day.

We then headed home and spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the garden. The weather was unusually nice for my birthday (normally it rains the whole day) so we made the most of it. I took this time to reply to all the birthday messages I had been sent; I even had a little cry because everyone was being so cute.

In the evening, my family and I headed to our local pub for a lovely meal. I got a huge surprise as when we arrived my Auntie Doreen was there to greet us. I haven't seen her since this time last year so for her to make the effort to come and celebrate with me really made me quite emotional; wait for it...I cried again. We had a lovely meal, and then my family headed home ready for my friends to take their place. Ben, Rach and Liv all joined me in the pub later on in the night for a couple of drinks to celebrate my coming of age. It really made me appreciate who my real friends are and I love them a lot.

My birthday celebrations didn't end there though. Friday night was party night!
My lovely lovely friends all gathered at my flat on Friday night and we danced and partied the night away. We went out for a night out around Liverpool and honestly, I've never felt so much love or laughed so much in one night. I am so so incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people. The flat was decorated with banners and balloons, and although they were an absolute pain to clean up in the morning, it was all 100% worth it.
I've had the best birthday ever!!

If you want to see a video of all my birthday celebrations (and a very drunk Liv) then we vlogged the whole thing on our YouTube channel. The video is here.
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