14 September 2017

I'm Just too Picky...

As you get older, it somehow becomes mandatory for you to be in a relationship - to have that one person who is both your best friend and lover. It's impossible for you to turn up to a family event alone without being bombarded with questions about your love life and your parents always book you into your own room 'just in case' you've found the one by the time the event rolls around. As you know, I share everything on this blog and one of my favourite things to talk about is relationships.

 I'd go as far as to say I'm a hopeless romantic and as unrealistic as it seems, I want to meet someone at the park walking the dog or at a supermarket like you see in the movies. The romance associated with meeting someone new is dead and I blame Tinder. I'll admit I've been on tinder a few times and I'm one of those people who download it and delete it on a regular basis - it truly confirms to me that guys are assholes and just when I think they could have changed, I download Tinder and just like that I get six cringe-worthy pick up lines, two people asking for my number, seven new friend requests and ten new followers on Instagram. It's just too full on, and the sooner I realise that it's not like the movies, the better. Tinder creates this unrealistic representation of people - I wrote a blog post all about it because it just drives me insane. 

So, why am I single?
It's a combination of things - I haven't found the one yet, I want to focus on my life path and I'm dedicated to the writing and the degree right now. I'm basically in a relationship with my writing. However, there's one answer that stands above the rest and it's that I'm just too picky when it comes to men. It's a good thing to have standards because it means that you know how you want to be treated but what do you do when your standards have exceeded human expectation? I'm not even sure my ideal guy exists anymore. 

It was a dating show that made me realise just how picky I am. There's something about watching dating shows that make me so happy - I'm an avid fan of First Dates and if you follow me on Twitter then you'll know that I non-stop tweet about the show when it's on. When I watch these shows I like to play along and say who I think the girl should choose or who I would choose if I was in her situation but I find faults with everything. It's not a good trait to have and I'm aware that no one is perfect but when I see people on dates and I see some of the things they say or the way they act towards one another I'm literally sat there like 'How have you not walked out by now?'. 

I'm often told that I'm never going to find someone if I don't lower my standards. I've been on many nights out with friends where they've seen a guy at the bar who is just 'my type' and when I turn to look at him I find something that I don't find attractive. Obviously, everyone has something about them that you're not going to like but once I notice this thing, I can't stop it from annoying me. It's very rare that I can overlook it and I see it as an indicator of if I really like someone - if I can over look this kind of thing then we might actually be able to go somewhere. 

Recently, I was at a girly sleepover with some friends and we wrote a list of what our ideal guy would be like - my list was way longer than anyone else's. There's something seriously wrong, isn't there? And it's not just appearance, it's the way they act, what they do in their spare time and they way they treat the people around them. Just a few things on that list include: brown curly hair, brown eyes, plays piano, good sense of humour and has a nice smile. Does such a male even exist? 

Does anyone else feel like this in terms of their relationships and being single? Or am I alone in this boat of picky single people? I'd really love to know your thoughts on this topic so leave them in the comments!

Lots of Love,


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