30 December 2018

What I Got For Christmas 2018

Well, that's Christmas over for another year!
All the rushing around is done and we're currently in that weird period where no one really knows what day it is. I hope you've all had a wonderful time eating pigs in blankets, watching films and spending time with your loved ones. I had a quiet Christmas with my family but it was lovely, filled with love, laughter and lots of gin! 

As I do every year, I thought it would be fun to tell you about some of the thoughtful gifts I received. This isn't because I want to brag but because I'm nosy about this kind of thing and I know some of you are too. 

I didn't ask for much this year, the main things were money towards driving lessons and a Saints shirt to wear when we go to the rugby. I didn't want anything that would be shoved in a cupboard and after listening to Martin Lewis speak about wasting money at Christmas, I decided that I wanted to spend time with my friends instead of spending money on presents that none of us would use. Therefore, I wasn't expecting much this year but Santa thought he'd treat me to some extra special things and I've been the luckiest little lady. 

The main present from my parents and the biggest surprise was a FitBit Alta. I've really been getting into the gym recently and they thought it would be the perfect thing to keep me motivated whilst helping to track my fitness. I absolutely LOVE it and I've been walking around the house like a maniac since Tuesday morning trying to get my steps in. 

Every Christmas, my parents get me another addition to my Pandora bracelet and this year it came in the form of Walt and Mickey. Okay, so I kind of knew that I was getting this charm because I picked it up when I was in Disneyland Paris but it has a lot of meaning behind it. We were lucky enough to be in Disney on Walt's birthday so not only does it remind me of that particular holiday, but that it all started with a mouse. 

We all know how much I love going to the rugby. I think my Dad and I spent the majority of the year at the Totally Wicked Stadium cheering on the Saints, so it only seemed right that I got a Saints shirt. This is something that I asked for but never expected to receive. It's even got the name of my favourite player on the back and I'm so ready for the new season to start!

Another surprise gift was a bottle of Marc Jacobs 'Daisy Love'. I smelt this perfume back in the summer and have been mithering about it ever since so when I unwrapped it on Christmas day, I was absolutely over the moon. It's the perfect fruity, floral scent. I also got another bottle of my trusty No.7 Stay Perfect foundation, a Saints mascot bear and lots of chocolate.

My lovely friend Caroline treated me to some gorgeous things from the Body Shop including my favourite strawberry scented hand cream and moisturiser. I'm basically obsessed with the smell of this stuff, it smells like calpol and if that doesn't remind you of your childhood then I don't know what will. I dragged Caroline into the Body Shop to smell this stuff so the fact that she remembered really meant a lot to me, and I also smell like strawberries all the time so I'm not complaining. 

As well as giving me some money towards driving lessons, my Grandparents very kindly got me a copy of the Greatest Showman on DVD. I know that I'm very late to the party but I've been desperate to watch it since January. On Boxing Day, it was finally time to see what all the hype was about and all I have to say is that the soundtrack has been on repeat since and I'd go as far as to say that it's the best film of all time. 
That is all.

My friend and personal horoscope reader Tori bought me a cute Tinkerbell brush and Gemini mug. I'm forever brushing my hair so a brush with one of my favourite Disney characters on the back slotted perfectly into my handbag and my new mug already has pride of place at work. I've really been getting into astrology this year and as I am a Gemini in every way possible, this was the perfect, meaningful gift. 

One of the loveliest things about 2018 has been getting to interact with different bloggers, meet new people and make new friends. I started speaking to Beth in the summer after we were both going through some relationship issues. Since then she's been one of my biggest cheerleaders, she understands all the girl struggles and gives the best advice whilst also making me cry laugh. We decided to swap presents this year and as she knows me so well, she got me a gorgeous ring, some nails, a notebook and the cutest Disney print for my wall. I couldn't be more grateful to her and I wish her all the love and success for 2019. 

And finally, would it be Christmas without some new additions to my gin collection?  
My boss very kindly got me some mini gin samples to try over the Christmas period, on the condition that I didn't come into work hungover (oops!). From the minute I finished on Christmas Eve to the second I went to bed on Boxing Day, gin was the only beverage I consumed. I've still got some little samples left over so I'll be cracking them open to welcome in the new year!

I also received some more thoughtful gifts including books, notebooks and a few more bottles of gin. I've been so very spoilt this year and I can't thank my family and friends enough for their kindness and generosity. I feel so loved and so honoured to be ending one of the best years of my life with the people who mean the most to me. 

I'd love to hear all about what you got for Christmas, because I'm incredibly nosy, so leave a comment or link me to your blog post. I can't wait to have a read!

Lots of Love,


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