23 August 2015

Disney Bows | The Cutest Things Ever!!

Hello Everyone!
As many of you know, a few months ago, I went to Disneyland Paris on a girls holiday with three of my friends. Before we went, we decided that we wanted to get something that was really unique that we could wear alongside our Mickey Mouse ears in the park. It was at that point that we came across theses beautiful bows that are made by a lovely lady called Ashley. We immediately knew that these were what we wanted and headed over to her Etsy site to take a look at what she had on offer. 

Well, we were literally spoilt for choice. Ashley makes so many different Disney bows, including some that represent the different rides and hotels in the park. It took us a good few hours to decide which bows we wanted, every 5 minutes we said "Oh my God look it's Flounder" or "Oh  my God look it's Belle". In the end we all chose our different bows. Instead of getting the larger bows, we opted for the mini bows because we found a really good deal on her website. Always keep checking her website because she constantly updates it with offers and new bows. As you can tell from the photo above, I opted for the Peter Pan and Mermaid Lagoon Bows. 

When they arrived, they were of excellent condition and they looked absolutely gorgeous. It was very clear that so much effort and care had been put into making them. The clips fit in my hair perfectly, however next time I think I am going to get some of the larger bows just because I want a nice mix. Every single one of the bows we received were so well complimented and everyone recognised which character's bow we were wearing. Every single one of the bows represents the character so well and they can only be described as beautiful. I'm definitely going to be starting a collection of Disney bows because they're just so cute and I cannot get enough of them

If you're a Disney fanatic or are going on holiday to Disney soon then I would recommend getting some of these bows for your trip because they're perfect and they make the experience just a little more fun and magical. You are guaranteed to find your favourite character on her website, and if not, she takes custom orders too so you're not too worry.

If you want to check out Ashley's Disney Bows you can find her at:
Lots of Love


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