19 August 2015

30 Things to Expect from Sixth Form

Hello Everyone!
So, I'm very aware that it's quite a big day for a lot of people tomorrow. In the UK, it's GCSE Results day, and I'm sure that quite a lot of you will be picking up your results from school and hopefully going to Sixth Form. As a student who has made it through the hell that was Sixth Form, I thought I would share with you some of the things that you should expect!

1) Your friendship groups will change dramatically
You'll meet new people and you probably wont even keep in contact with the people you went to High School with...sorry to break it too you. 

2) Calling your teachers by their first name is very very weird
You can never get used to it, it just feels wrong, so you still call them 'Miss' and 'Sir' like you did in High School.

3) You never do work in your frees
And don't say that you will because lets face it, you probably wont

4) Only the popular kids go into the common room
The rest of the people tend to cause havoc in the study area

5) The silent study area is never silent

6) You'll soon realise that the subjects you were good at at GCSE you're actually really crap at now.
I'm sorry if you thought you were the next Einstein...you're not

7) You actually start to care about what you wear
And you feel the need to change your wardrobe every season

8) Everyone dresses nicely for the first few weeks
Then it's jeans, hoodies and tracksuits

9) You spend so much money on the vending machine that you wonder why you have no money left
It's called comfort eating...

10) It's horrible when all of your friends start to turn 18 and you have to wait because you can't legally go out yet

11) Expect to come into College with a hangover after student night and have the piss taken out of you

12) Eventually, it'll all become too much and you'll wonder why you ever thought a-levels were a good idea

13) You'll feel very snazzy and grown up because you can leave college in your free periods
And you will take full advantage of this

14) When someone finally passes their driving test expect Mcdonalds and Starbucks trips

15) You'll probably want to push your teachers through the window
But you'll miss them when you leave

16) There's always that one teacher who will be like your Mum
And you will go to her for everything

17) You will take full advantage of University Applicant days, just to get a free day off college

18) You'll more than likely skip one of your lessons because you just cannot be bothered anymore

19) You'll wish Uniforms still existed
As much as you hated having to wear a tie

20) In your last year, you will definitely plan a holiday abroad with your friends

21) Expect tears...and LOTS of them
If Sixth Form doesn't make you cry, you're not doing it right

22) You'll spend more time watching Netflix than actually revising

23) You probably won't revise for Mock Week
And you'll wonder why College take it so seriously...God calm down!

24) Revising for four subjects is so much harder than revising for eleven. Don't be fooled

25) EPQ is not fun, but it's a good thing to do

26) General Studies is pointless and it's the only exam you won't care about 

27) Sixth Form isn't fun but you'll have the best times of your life there

28) You'll meet your best friends and make true friendships

29) Prepare for late nights and no sleep

30) If in doubt, always have a nap in your free periods.

I really enjoyed doing this post! Comment below what your experience of Sixth Form was like!
Lots of Love

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