30 October 2015

Soap & Glory Solar Powder

Hello Everyone!
Today, I'm going to be raving about one of my favourite beauty products on the high street and that is the Soap & Glory solar powder. Although this doesn't sound like it, the solar powder is actually a bronzer. I was never a girl who used bronzer, I always thought that it made me look orange, became very paranoid, and avoided it like the plague. I remember when I was going to a concert and my mum told me I looked pale so came at me with a brush and bronzing beads. I looked like a wotsit. This is the event that put me off bronzer for life; or so I thought. 

For Christmas two years ago, my mum and dad bought me a Soap & Glory make-up set. I'd been very vague in asking what I wanted, and had simply asked for "makeup". I hadn't given a brand, what type of makeup I wanted or anything like that, so when I opened the Soap & Glory makeup collection, I was very shocked. I'd just like to put it out there that if you're struggling for something to buy for someone, the makeup ranges that Soap & Glory sell at Christmas time are amazing, they make the perfect present. It was a big brown box and when opened, it had a mirror and different little products from the range. This included a highlighter, lipgloss, mascara, six different eyeshadows and the solar powder. As soon as I saw this, the flashback to the bronzer incident replayed in my mind and I simply thought "No". 

However, when it came to doing my makeup that day, I thought I'd give it a try; and this was the best decision I made. The two shades create the perfect balance for a natural glowing bronzed look. The way I apply my bronzer, is I pull a fish face and then use my brush to gently apply the product to my cheek bone and then around the jaw line, filling in any little bits where you think you may need a little bit of colour. I tend to blend the two shades together, but if I'm going for a completely natural makeup look, I only use the lighter shade. 

The bronzer stays on all day, it doesn't budge which is perfect for everyday use. The slight shimmer on the 'S&G' of the product enhances the glowing look it provides to the skin. However, this shimmer tends to be gone by the first use, that'd be my only criticism of the product. When I'd finished the bronzer in the first set, I started to purchase new bronzers to try them out, but nothing beats this for me. It's the product I just keep going back too. 

The handy little compact mirror is perfect to use for the application of the product, and is even better if you're on the go and you just want to touch up your make-up a little. It's also small enough to fit in your handbag which is really good too. I love the way the product feels on the skin, the application is perfect and it doesn't feel heavy. It's also build-able so that you can get that perfect summer (or winter) sun-kissed glow. 

Although this is on the pricer side at £11, the product itself lasts for a very long time, I buy at least one of these a year and it lasts me the full year, and that's with everyday use. It can be purchased from most Boots stores, but it's definitely a must-have for any girls makeup bag!

Lots of Love

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