1 November 2015

New Ideas and Giveaway?

Hello Everyone!
A new blog post to start a new month! :)
I'm going to apologise in advance for this post being a little bit of a ramble, but there are a couple of things I really want to address. As you may, or may not, have noticed, the header and theme for my blog has changed a little bit. I wanted to make my blog a little more professional and I felt that my previous design had a little bit too much going on. I hope you guys don't think this is too plain and that you really like it. 

Also, after some events at University, I now have a lot more time on my hands. In fact, way more time than I ever expected to have. This means that I can focus on my blog, and seeing as I'm doing a creative writing degree, it fits in perfectly. Sometimes, my posts get quite a lot of views, and a lot of people really seem to like them, however others get minimal views. I would like to know the type of thing that you guys like to see on a blog, the type of things you read and the content you would like to see me post. I get bloggers block quite frequently so if you leave me some responses in the comments that would be really brilliant, 

If it's the giveaway that's brought you to this page, then this is what I'm going to talk about now. I'm coming up to my 100th blog post, and that's very weird. I'm never normally a person to stick to particular things, but with this blog, it's been something I've really looked after. I take it seriously and see it as my own little place on the internet where I can be myself and have my own voice. I love buying new beauty products, testing them out and writing a review for people to read. It's one of my favourite things. Anyway, onto the giveaway. As some of you know, I've been really loving the Revolution Make Up Collection recently, and I was thinking of doing some form of giveaway of some of their products to a lucky person who reads my blog. I think it'd be a really cool thing to do, so you should let me know what you think about that! :)

Overall, I hope you all still really like to read this blog, as much as I love writing on it. It'd mean a lot to me if you could give me some feedback in the comments below. Also, whilst you're at it, my bestest friend has decided to join the blogging community. Her name is Olivia, or Liv as I call her, and she has a film blog where she writes reviews on films and talks about life in general. It's a really lovely blog so you should go and show her some love. I'll leave a link here:

Lots of Love

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