3 February 2017

The All-Time Toughest Disney Tag Yet

I was having a browse through Twitter and noticed that my lovely friend Nicola  had done a new Disney Tag on her blog, which if you haven't checked out already, then you definitely should. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Nic's post and thought it would be something really fun that I could do on my blog. So here we are! 

1. Who is your all time favourite Disney animator and why?
It's going to have to be Eric Larson who animated Peter's Pan's flight over London in the film. That is one of the most beautiful, iconic scenes in any Disney film and one of my personal favourites. I also have to mention Milt Kahl who animated Peter himself. 

2. Which Disney era is your favourite and why?
I'm going to have to say the Silver Era as it was responsible for some of my favourite Disney classics and the films that are a part of my childhood such as Peter Pan, Cinderella and The Jungle Book. 

3. If Walt Disney were alive and you could ask him one question, what would it be?
First off, I'd just like to say that I LOVE this question. I don't think I could just ask him one question, but if I could narrow it down to three they would be:
Which film/song are you most proud of?
If you could be any Disney character, who would you be?
Did you achieve your ultimate dream?

4. Who is your all time favourite Disney director and why?
Nathan Greno and Byron Howard, purely because Tangled is one of the most beautiful films in Disney history. 

5. What is your all time favourite Disney song and why?
I think this is something that changes a lot for me, because I have a different favourite every week. If I had to choose a top 5 it would be:
Part of Your World - The Little Mermaid
Beauty and the Beast - Beauty and the Beast
You Can Fly - Peter Pan
The Bare Necessities - The Jungle Book
Lets Go Fly a Kite - Mary Poppins 

6. If you were forced to erase one Disney film from history, which one would you choose?
It's such an unpopular opinion, and I apologise in advance, but it'd have to be Tarzan. I really don't get the hype over the film and it used to scare me as a kid. 

7. Which Disney park from around the world is your favourite and what makes it stand out to you?
I've only ever been to one Disney park, but I think Disneyland Paris will always be my favourite. It's the park that will always hold the most memories for me, and the castle is definitely the most beautiful.

8. You have only 30 minutes in Disneyland before you're magically whisked back home by a portal. What do you do with that time?
I would go on Peter Pan's flight, meet Mickey and Minnie, watch Parade and then walk down Main Street. 

9. You get to choose one Disney heroine to join the official Disney Princess line-up, who do you choose and why?
It would have to be Giselle, I think she's so underrated and I've never really understood why because she's so wonderful. I'd also really like Tiger Lily to be a part of it too, because she's a Princess in her own right, isn't she?

10. Speaking of Disney princesses, one needs to be demoted from the franchise in order to make way for your new heroine. Who do you choose and why?
Pocahontas. I just don't see the hype, I'm sorry. 

11. What is your all-time favourite under-rated Disney movie, and why? (“Under-rated” meaning movies you don’t see or hear about these days… Like, ever.)
I know you hear about Marie as a character, but you never hear about The Aristocats as a film and it's definitely one of the best. 

12. Which Disney villain do you feel is the most misunderstood and why?
I think that Hook could be quite misunderstood, I think there's a whole back story there that hasn't really been discovered yet. 

13. You can only choose one Disney animal to be your pet, who do you choose?
It's going to be between Marie, because she's one of my ultimate favourites or Pua because he's just sooooo cute! 

14. Who is the one Disney character you relate to most and why?
I relate to Marie and her sassiness, Belle for her love of reading and Wendy for her youthfulness and imagination. Oooh and also Peter, because I never ever want to grow up.

15. Finally, the toughest question of all... What is your favourite Disney film of all time?
This is so tough, but it's going to have to be Peter Pan. That film means the world to me and it will forever be my ultimate favourite. 

I'm going to tag Lottie and Victoria!

Lots of Love,


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