22 November 2015

How to Ace your Drama Audition!

This time last year, I did my first drama audition at Bristol UWE. It was potentially one of the most daunting experiences of my life, I'd never done actual auditions before and knowing I was fighting against other people for a place at Uni really put some pressure on. From the very start, it was never my intention to go to a University down in London, I think London was just too big for me. This is why I applied to mostly small Universities. 

With any University that you apply too, especially to do drama, you will have to go through some form of audition, or interview; or sometimes even both. I was very lucky enough to be offered places from each audition that I went too, which was incredible for me. It really makes me feel strange at the fact that people saw something in me, because sometimes I find it very hard to believe in myself. So, in this blog post, I'm going to give some tips and advice on how to make the best impression in your drama audition and hopefully gain yourself an offer from your dream University!

Not all auditions will ask you to prepare a monologue to perform to them, but the majority do. I went to two auditions which asked me to perform a monologue, the others just did some group workshops and made us read from some scripts. If you are going to one of those auditions which asks you to prepare a monologue, my advice to you is to make sure that you pick something that you know and something that you are comfortable to perform. Also, make sure that you know everything, make sure you know your lines and make sure you're not going to mess up. They look for people who have potential and people who are professional. Be as professional as you can. 

Don't feel intimidated
It is more than likely you will be doing a group audition, which means that you will be auditioning with people you have never met before in your life. Everyone in that room is in the same boat, so don't feel intimidated at all. Make the most of the situation, be approachable, go and speak to people. They'll notice that you're being sociable and they'll really like that about you. 

They're not monsters
Okay, so I know I just said that they're looking for someone who is professional. But they're actors themselves, they've been in your position and they understand that you're nervous. If you mess up your lines, they'll understand and they'll let you start over. They're not scary, and they're not monsters. They're really forgiving and the majority are very lovely. 

Spoken Interview
If it's part of your audition to have a spoken interview, just make sure that you are being yourself and are polite as possible. They're going to offer the place to someone they feel they can work with for the next three years. It's common sense, but just make sure that you're lovely and polite and they will love you. 

They want someone who is able to work as part of a team. So just make sure that you're being kind to everyone and make sure that you speak to most people. Like I said, they want someone who they can see themselves working with for the next three or four years.

Wear comfortable clothing
Okay, so just don't turn up to your audition in jeans and heels. Wear leggings, a loose top and trainers. Everyone is dressed the same, so don't worry how you look. Just wear something that you will be really really comfortable with.

You don't have to do what everyone else is doing
In one of my auditions, I did a comedy monologue (it's always best to play to your strengths) whilst every other person did a Shakespeare monologue (not that there's anything wrong with that of course). So when I came out of that audition, I was gutted, I basically thought I was screwed and my dreams of University had gone. However, it made them take notice of me, because I offered something different. You really don't have to be doing what someone else is doing.

Be Yourself
This is the most important thing. 
I know you're going for a drama audition, but don't put on an act. Just be yourself, don't be nervous and I promise that you'll be fine. But most of all, enjoy yourself. If they see that you're enjoying yourself, they're going to take notice of you. And the activities they make you do in your workshop are always so much fun!

I hope that's helped some of you!
Comment and tell me where you'll be auditioning!
Lots of Love,


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