27 January 2016

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Before I was introduced to the masterpiece that is the foundation sponge, I would normally just apply my foundation with my fingers, or buff it in with a make up brush if I had more time on my hands. Sometimes, it would work amazingly, and my skin would look flawless, other times I wanted to bury myself in a hole and hide because I looked absolutely terrible. 

I was introduced to these sponges when I had my make-up done at the Dior counter in Debenhams. I've told you all about my Dior make-up experiences in my previous blog posts. I'd heard so many people speak about them, and rave about how amazing they were, but I just wasn't feeling it. There's just something about them that I didn't like; I guess I just thought they were pointless and I was very happy using my brushes, thankyou very much.

Well I can now say this sponge has literally changed the way I apply my foundation. I'm saying this like it's drastic, it's not really, and you probably all think I'm mad, but I can't believe that I'd never used these before. This is the Real Techniques 'Miracle Complexion' sponge. I got this for Christmas from my Mum in order to apply my new foundation. I always trust real techniques makeup brushes, every single make up brush I own has been made by them. In my opinion, they're the best. 

In terms of this product in particular, it's absolutely amazing. I use this to apply my Dior foundation only, and it applies it perfectly. It's perfect to cover the whole face and get into all the little places than a brush would normally miss. It also makes the foundation easier to blend, and build if that's what you want to do. I also particularly like the shape of the sponge. I use the flat end to apply my foundation, either by dabbing or stroking it on my face, and then I use the more pointed end to dab in my concealer under my eyes and over any blemishes I may have. It's really really soft too, so it feels lovely on the skin. 

I think one of the only doubts about this product is how I'm going to wash it. I feel like I'm one of the only females who finds washing their make up brushes quite therapeutic. Anyway, if you can help me with a solution as to how I wash and clean this product, please do let me know in the comments below. 

I'd definitely recommend checking out this product, and if you're like me and don't want to use a sponge to apply foundation, just give it a chance, because it will change your life...literally. 

Lots of Love


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