11 September 2016

A day in Tewkesbury

On the way home from our holiday in Cornwall we decided to pay a visit to a beautiful town called Tewkesbury. We stayed in the grounds of the spectacular Tewkesbury Abbey and I just fell in love with it immediately. As we were only staying for the afternoon, I didn't get to see as much of the town as I would have liked, but from what I did see it is definitely somewhere I will be going to visit again. It's such a mystical town, yet is so modern in it's ways; its like a clash between two worlds which is both fascinating and strange. 

I started the afternoon by exploring the grounds of the Abbey. Tewkesbury Abbey is one of the most famous landmarks in the town, and one of the biggest tourist attractions. The grounds are so beautiful and we definitely picked the best day to go; the weather stayed on our side and the sun didn't stop shining. The grounds of the Abbey were so well kept that the sun literally made the grass shimmer, and the leaves on the trees blew gently in the warm summer breeze. 

I walked the dog around the various paths, often getting lost as the gardens were just so big. We'd follow one path which would take us to another Forest and then we just kept exploring and exploring until it was time to go and meet Mum and Dad to go and have a look around the actual Abbey. 

Being able to go into the Abbey and explore the beautiful architecture was definitely the highlight of my day. Dad waited outside with the Dog whilst Mum and I gave a small donation and went inside. It was so peaceful and so breath-taking, the designs on the stained glass windows were so intricate and I couldn't stop taking photos of them. It was whilst taking one of these photos that a coin fell out of my pocket and made the loudest noise as it hit the floor; the noise echoed throughout the Abbey and I was SO embarrassed. I know most churches have an echo to them but this echo was more intense than others, it felt like everyone in the UK could hear my coin drop. 

After my moment, Mum and I continued to walk around the Abbey, reading all the information and trying to take in our beautiful surroundings. It's a tradition for Mum and I to light a candle in every Church, Cathedral and Abbey we visit and this trip was no exception; we paid another donation and both lit a candle and placed it on the rack. We always make sure to say a small prayer as we light the candle too. After that, we went and sat down to take a moment. I really found the Abbey inspirational as a writer so I took some time to make some notes in my journal. We were also joined by the Dog and my Dad; the staff saw them sat outside and welcomed them in with open arms. This never normally happens as people are normally extremely funny about the dog coming into places with us but for them to allow him in really meant a lot to us. It just made me love the Abbey and Tewkesbury even more. 

 After spending some time at the Abbey I took some time on my own and went to explore Tewkesbury as a town. The streets were filled with small quirky vintage shops, with a few modern shops thrown into the mix. It reminded me of an old town trying to keep up with the times but still wanting to stick to it's roots. As I explored the town, I stumbled across the most quirky little bookshop. The small alley was an infinite line of bookshelves covered in books, and then as you went into the bookshop itself you were greeted with walls and walls of every single book you could imagine. The shop had chairs dotted around the place so that you could just sit and read for a while, I sat and started 'The Great Gatsby' (which I've read 3 times) but was asked to leave when they were closing; it turns out I was there much longer than I first thought. 

Although Tewkesbury Abbey was a beautiful little town during the day, it turned extra creepy at night. The sky was the most magnificent colour, it faded from a dark blue, to a grey, to a very light blue; it was like some crazy dip-dye experience. The Abbey was lit up by flood lights which made the shadow look so spooky with the dip-dye backdrop. This is definitely one of my favourite photos!

I'll definitely be going to visit Tewkesbury again, I just can't wait to go back!

Lots of Love,

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