22 April 2016

Weekly Update │ Deadlines, Home & Ian McKellen

16/04/2016 - 22/04/2016

It feels weird not starting the post with a photo, but I've been cooped up in my bedroom all week trying to get something submitted for Uni. It's been so horrible being stuck in my room doing work when the weather has been so beautiful outside. But, now everything has been completed, my first year at Uni is done and as I write this, I'm sat in my garden, the sun is shining on my face and I've got Nelly Furtardo 'I'm like a Bird' blasting from Spotify's 'Feel Good Friday' Playlist. 

This week, something extremely bizarre happened. Liv and I went to see at play at the Liverpool Everyman Theatre called 'Iphigenia in Splott'. The play was absolutely amazing, it was a one woman show and how she managed to know every single line and still stay in character I have no idea! It was such a good performance, so current and real; definitely worth watching if you get the chance too. Anyway, as I was saying, Liv and I were sat in the theatre waiting for the show to start and Liv turned to me and said "Meg, don't freak out, but is that Ian McKellen sat behind us?". I laughed, like THE Sir Ian McKellen would be at the Everyman Theatre watching a play. 

I had to be so discreet when turning around, so I pretended that we were waiting for someone (top acting on my part there) and as I turned round, who was sat there behind us but THE Ian McKellen. I shot around quickly and looked at Liv in bewilderment. IAN MCKELLEN. REALLY. He was so chilled, no one really bothered him and he just sat enjoying the play. It's nice to know that he can do that; not be pestered by people asking for photos. We were going to go and speak to him after the show, because Liv wanted some advice on acting, but as soon as the actress took her bows he was off. We got out of the theatre but he'd already gone. It was gutting, BUT at least we can say that we have sat in front of Sir Ian McKellen at a theatre. We then went back to the flat, had a night in singing High School Musical and drinking vodka. What more could you want really? 

Then the hard work started. Deadline week was here, and it's been one of the most stressful weeks of my life. I've just been like a massive bundle of stress for the full week just trying to get everything submitted. I think that since I've gone to uni I just procrastinate so much more than usual. Everything distracts me. I ended up watching videos of pandas in a zoo playing on a slide (pandas have kind of been a thing with me this week), like god Meg get organised and get your degree! 

Finally, last night I submitted everything and it was the best feeling in the world. I can't tell you how free I feel. I've been loving listening to Nathan Sykes this week; he's been the soundtrack to my week and I've been dancing along whenever I've had a spare moment to just take my stress out. 

I've got so much planned over the Summer and I'm so excited to share everything with you; there also may be a plan for DLRP coming soon....maybe ;)

Lots of Love,

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