29 April 2016

Weekly Update │Manchester, Shopping & Mcfly

23/04/2016 - 29/04/2016

It's almost May, how is that even possible? Christmas only feels like it was two days ago, and now we're almost halfway through the year. This week, I've just not known what on earth to do with myself. Because I've got no real purpose to be here in Liverpool at this moment, I just want to spend all of my time at home, but at the same time, I hate having to keep getting the train back to Liverpool to go and do things with my friends. This could be laziness on my part, but it's just so expensive. 

Despite me being bored all the time and literally pacing the house trying to find something to do, this week has actually been very very good. I went out on Saturday night with a few of my friends for drinks and dances around Liverpool. It was a kind of 'end of uni' celebration for me, and we had the best night. Okay, yes I did have a little to drink, but I wasn't THAT drunk, just happy. I love going out and just dancing and singing and having an absolute blast with my friends; it makes me happy. 

I also think the reason I had a little too much to drink was the fact that I'd just spent over £70 in New Look. It's 20% off for students at the moment so as a little treat from me too me, I decided to get started on my Spring/Summer wardrobe (it was sunny at the time, not like it is now with the snow and rain). I picked up some absolutely gorgeous things, one of which is a pair of dungarees that I am completely and utterly obsessed with. I wasn't sure if to get them at first, because they're not something I would normally wear, but I took a risk and now I absolutely love them. I wore them to the Pub Quiz on Monday, which we lost again by one point. I don't think we're ever going to come anywhere in this Quiz. 

One of the nicest things about this week has been meeting up with friends who I haven't seen for a very very long time. Charlotte, one of my best friends from college, and I went shopping in Liverpool (again!) and had a chance to catch up on each others lives. We go to the same Uni, but we're both always so busy so we don't get as much time to see each other as we would like. We had a browse around the shops, and I picked up a few more things including a grey hoodie from Forever 21, and some new make-up (it was 3 for 2 in Boots, I couldn't resist). We then went for Pizza with her younger sister and it was so nice to see her; I can't believe how much she's growing up, it makes me feel old! 

I hate trains. We all know I hate trains. But this week I went off to Manchester, on a train believe it or not, and I had the loveliest day out with my friends. We went for a meeting with an editor to talk about a new project we're going to be working on, but we decided to head into Manchester early and spend the day there. I don't go to Manchester a lot, so it was nice to be able to walk around and almost get killed by a moving tram. They really need to make those tram lines clearer, I nearly got killed like six times. The meeting went really well, and when I can tell you all more about it, I will! 

As I write this blog post for you, I'm in a little bit of a down mood. One, because I'm seriously missing Disney right now, and two because I've just attempted (and failed) to get me and Liv tickets to see McFly in the Summer. We tried to get them from LiveNation, who didn't put the tickets up on sale on time and then when they did, they were all sold out. Great. The thing I'm hating this week is ticket scouts, the people that buy a bunch of tickets to a gig they don't intend to go too and then sell them on for hundreds of pounds. I mean, I love Mcfly but I'm never going to pay £100 to see them. I don't think I'd pay £100 to see anyone. You'd think by now there'd be a way to stop people from doing this, it's so annoying. 

Speaking of Liv, my bestest friend has started using her blog again (much to me pestering her 24/7), so I think you should go and check it out, because I love it and I'm sure you'll love it too! 
Lots of Love


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