28 May 2016

Weekly Update | Disney Chats, Relaxation & Jobs

21/05/2016 - 27/05/2016

Before you even start to fully get into this blog post, I'm going to warn you that it involves a rant and a very boring week. I've not done anything exciting this week (my life is so boring, honestly) but that's meant that I've been able to just relax and catch up on sleep. I've been feeling very very bored; now that I've finished Uni I've got absolutely nothing to do. I'm looking for a job but that's not going very well. I seriously miss working with the mouse. 

| Loving |
This week, Liv and I filmed a 'sit-down' video for our YouTube channel. We have already uploaded two vlogs because we've been very busy bees so we thought it would be nice to just sit down and chat to our viewers. Our video this week was a debate, but not just any debate, a Disney debate. We discussed whether we prefer Classic Disney or Modern Disney, and it ended up with us singing 'Circle of Life'. It was absolutely hilarious and I loved just sitting down and chatting to the camera, especially because we got to wear our Minnie Mouse ears and my pretty tiara (I'm nearly 19, I swear). You can watch our video HERE.

I've been loving just being able to chill out this week and not have to rush around going to meetings or appointments. On Sunday, I spent the day watching Tangled snuggled up on the sofa with Buster. I don't know what more you could want really. Every time I watch that film (which I think is reaching the hundreds) I just love it even more. Rapunzel and Flynn melt my heart. 

Also, this week we got our provisional results from Uni. Provisional meaning that they are subject to change. If you ask me, this was the most pointless thing in the world because they're still not reliable results and I'm probably more stressed out now than I was before. Anyway, surprisingly for me, I did quite well and my tutors were really impressed with what I wrote. Hopefully my grades don't change too much and I'll end first year with a 2:1 or a 1st! 

| Hating |
Be prepared for a rant. 
As I have previously mentioned, I'm getting very bored having nothing to do. This is why I'm currently looking for a job; and I'm applying everywhere and anywhere just to have a little bit of money so I can go out with my friends. I've received so many job rejections this week, all because they want more 'experience'. Well, please can someone inform me how on earth I'm supposed to get experience if no one is willing to offer it? It's not like they are jobs that even need experience, it's not that hard to work a till and it can be picked up pretty quickly. It just seems like no one is willing to train you up anymore. 

I thought that having a company as respected as Disney on my CV would help me to get a job but it's looking like that isn't the case. No one wants to employ me and I don't know why. It's so frustrating and is seriously getting me down. I'm so bored please employ me! 

| Listening |
Although the weather hasn't been great this week, I've been loving Reggie and Bollie's debut single New Girl. I loved these guys on X Factor and this song is definitely going to be one of those that you hear all the time and it will remind you of summer 2016. The Britain's Got Talent semi-finals have been taking place this week and I have been loving Wayne Woodward's cover of 'That's Life' by Frank Sinatra. As we all know, Frank is my favourite so I seriously judge people when they cover his songs. But I was soooo impressed with Wayne, I've been listening to his cover none stop since Monday night. 

| Wearing |
Not so much fashion, but I've been loving wearing my hair naturally this week. I got quite a few messages on Twitter and Instagram asking me how I did my hair in our Disney Video. I basically just let it dry normally and then plait it to give it that extra bit of volume. I've been seriously loving it; it's so low maintenance and it looks so cool, especially for the summer. Liv walked into my room and thought I'd been to the beach. I might start adding some sea salt spray to it to see if it makes any difference; I love an extra beachy hair look. 

| Eating |
I've been super unhealthy this week, consuming a lot of crisps and sweets. I really should be trying to get into shape for the summer but I just love food a bit too much. I'm going to try and be healthier next week. The one food I've been loving this week has been my Mum's pasta. I don't know how she makes it but it's the most beautiful creation. 

| Feeling |
Seriously, just so relaxed and chilled. I'm completely rolling with life at the moment; whatever happens is going to happen and I'm loving every day for what it brings. Trying to get back into a positive mind-set is really hard, but I'm slowly getting there. 

| Moment |
The highlight of this week for me was going to the pub quiz with Liv. We haven't been for a couple of weeks, and if you're wondering, we lost again. There was a picture round where you have to guess the name of the person who's photo is shown; simple enough right? Wrong! Liv and I were shocking at it; and there was one face we seriously recognised but couldn't put a name too. When the answers were read out, we realised that it was actually Christian Bale and finished the quiz with 36/50. What a let down we are! 

Here's to another good week next week! 

Lots of Love,


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