24 August 2016

Cocktails at the Club House

The weather has been so beautiful lately, so last week my best friend Liv and I decided to take a trip into Liverpool to go and have a somewhat sophisticated evening at a lovely new restaurant that has opened in Liverpool one. We thought it'd be nice to make a little bit of an effort, put a nice dress on and go out to have some drinks and a good chat. 

We picked the loveliest evening to go and visit the Club House in Liverpool One, it was just the right temperature to be able to sit outside with a cocktail and look at the pretty surroundings. The restaurant itself reminded me very much of the Newport Bay (for all the Disney fans out there) which was probably why I loved it so much. Every time Liv and I have made an effort to go to the Club House we haven't been able to get a seat as it is extremely popular with the people of the city. However, we were lucky enough to find some seats on the balcony; and it really felt like we were on holiday or maybe on a cruise. 

It took us quite a while to decide what we wanted from the menu, as we were debating over a pina colada but decided we probably only wanted one of those so that we could sing the song. We soon chose and both went for the same 'Sex on the Beach' cocktail that we get almost everywhere. When in doubt, it's the one thing we order. However, we're used to the rubbish cocktails you get in Wetherspoons in a pitcher that has a hole in the bottom, so when we saw these cocktails all nicely presented and looking very snazzy, we just couldn't wait to try them. Well, they didn't disappoint. It was gorgeous, I'd put it up there with one of the best cocktails I've ever had, I wanted to order another one but sadly my bank account wouldn't allow me to do so. 

It's safe to say that Liv and I felt very grown up and sophisticated being able to sit on a balcony drinking cocktails and watching the sunset. It was definitely a change, and a change we both loved. We sat and just laughed, chatted and sung along with the awesome singer who was playing some pretty cool tunes on his guitar. We both kept commenting about how happy we were to just be there, it was the perfect girly evening with my best friend and I just loved it.

In true Meg and Liv style, we ended the night by going to McDonalds and getting a box of 20 chicken nuggets to share on the train home. It seems our sophisticated streak didn't last for long!

We'll definitely be visiting the Club House again really soon, and if you think you'd like to visit then I'll leave a link to their website here so you can check out menu's and things like that! 

Lots of Love,


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