25 August 2016

Cornwall 2016: Lands End, Looe and Boardmasters

This is the second part in the series of my holiday posts, and after an amazing first week down in Cornwall it was going to be very hard for the second week to top it. We did a little bit more exploring in the second week but spent most of it on the beach. The weather was gorgeous so there was no better place to be. We also found ourselves stuck in the middle of a carnival in Penzance and it was Boardmasters so I was completely in my element. I'm going to warn you in advance that this post may have a lot of photos in it, but I like taking them and they do look pretty so it's a win win situation. 

At the end of my last blog post, we'd just finished a wonderful day exploring the beautiful village of Clovelly. It was an extremely long drive for Dad and he was very tired so we decided to take the next day off and just relax around the caravan. Dad went off to ride one of the horses whilst Mum and I sat in the sun for a while and tried to top up our tans. As we had been in the Caravan all day, we thought we'd go out on the night to go and see what Perranporth had to offer. We usually go to the beach at Perranporth but we never take the time out to go and look around the shops. 

I went back to visit my favourite shop in the town which is called Sama Sama, I want everything in there. The dream catchers they sell are so beautiful and it's where I get a lot of the inspiration for my bedroom from. It reminds me of a little beach hut that sells the quirkiest things; I just love it. We then made our way back down to the beach where we watched the beginning of the sunset, but it was a little too windy for Mum so we had to move. Wetherspoons was only round the corner from the beach, so not being able to resist the temptation, we ended up in the pub and I ended up with a pitcher of woo woo (and we can all probably guess how that night ended). 

After a day of resting and getting back to normal, we decided it was time for another adventure. Lands End is one of the most famous tourist attractions down in Cornwall, and it's basically the furthest southern point in the UK. It's best known for it's famous sign which tells you how far away you are from both New York and John O'Groats. Despite us going to Cornwall for six years, we've only ever been to Lands End once, and that was when it was all closed and there was no one around. 

After a lot of begging, I finally convinced my Dad that it would be a great day to go and visit again. We didn't really get the full experience the first time we visited, and six years is a very long time so a lot could have changed. When we pulled up at the landmark, the view was just breath taking. The sea was the bluest I have ever seen it and the weather was just glorious, it was the perfect day. 

We made our way down towards the sign where we stood looking out to sea, and I found it remarkable that on the other side of the ocean was New York City, a place where my Auntie was at that particular moment. I was then tapped on the shoulder by a lovely man who asked me if I could take a photo of him and his family with the sign, and with my amazing photography skills (obviously) he was very impressed. In order to return the favour, he politely offered to take a photo of me and my family. The photo is definitely my favourite photo from the trip, and it's insane to be able to compare the photo from six years ago to the photo now; so much has changed. 

Mum and Dad then went to explore whilst I sat on the rocks with Buster and watched the sea. I have never felt so calm and so happy to just be in the moment. I spotted two dolphins who seemed to be playing in the sea and then went to visit the first and last refreshment house in England. I also managed to get my hands on a postcard from Lands End which was stamped there and then sent back home for us to receive when we arrived. 

As we were leaving the beautiful landmark, we bumped into the cutest little 12 week old puppy called Fifi. We spent a while speaking to her owners as she sat playing with her toy pasty that was twice the size of her. Buster wasn't very happy that another dog was getting all the attention, but he'll always be the cutest little peanut in my eyes. 

We didn't want our day to end so soon, so we thought we would extend our adventure and take a trip to Penzance. But before we did that, we went and paid a visit to the first and the last Inn in England. I feel like this may be confusing to some of you so I'll explain; it's the first Inn that you will see when you enter England and the last Inn you will see before you leave. We stopped for a drink, because it would have been rude not too, and then headed back to the car to continue on our journey to Penzance. 

When we arrived in Penzance, there was an elecctric atmosphere and it was something I had yet to experience in any Cornish town. As we weaved our way through the crowds in the town, we thought it was unusually busy for a weekday. Dad, being the nosy parker that he is, went up to one of the townspeople and asked what all the fuss was about. It turns out that we had picked an incredibly special day to visit Penzance as the man engine was going to be visiting too. The man engine is a gigantic puppet, similar to the puppets that visited Liverpool a couple of years ago, and he was there to commemorate Cornish Mining. 

The town was buzzing, everyone was dressed up, there were flashmobs in the streets, bands were playing outside most pubs and a group of ladies were Morris dancing.There was a girl dressed up as a mining statue and she was one of those people who dresses up as things and then moves, well she was amazing, just the way she moved was incredible. The whole thing was just spectacular, and it added that little bit of quirkiness to the town which I loved. 

We didn't get the chance to stay for all the celebrations as it was a little too crowded for the dog and people were standing on him. Instead, we made our way to the oldest pub in Penzance where an AWESOME band called Broken Down were playing. Everyone was sat around them on the streets, on chairs and on blankets whilst they played some amazing covers of song such as Billie Jean and Shut Up and Dance. I, along with many other people, got up dancing and it just made the day even more special. It's definitely something I won't be forgetting in a very long time. 

After another long journey, we decided to spend the next two days on the beach. It was lovely to sit and relax and I also made friends with another 10 week old puppy called Babooshka who was a cross between a poodle and a collie. She belonged to the owners of the cafe on the beach and I loved being able to take her for walks and play with her. 

This also saw me do something that I look forward too every year. Yep, I got my Pauline's Baguette. Pauline's is my favourite bakery in Newquay and they sell the nicest cakes and sandwiches. I look forward to getting one every year, so I went and got my classic ham salad baguette. And it was great, I felt like I was in food heaven. Yum. 

Two full days spent on the beach was enough for us, so we decided to head out on another adventure to a place we visit every year. If I didn't go to Cornwall, my parents probably wouldn't go and visit, but because I'm with them, they feel that they have to because it's my favourite place in the county. Yep, that's right, we went to Looe. 

There's something about Looe that I just love, I don't know if it's the little fishing town atmosphere or the smell of the street bakeries but I love it more and more every time I visit. We started off our Looe adventure in true Goodier style by calling in at our favourite pub for a cup of coffee. It's been done up since we last visited and it looks so modern and classy, plus it had great lighting for taking photos. 

We then started to wonder up and down the lanes, calling in at all the little shops and boutiques to see what they had to offer. I always find that the fashion is much nicer down in Cornwall, the vintage stores are some of my favourites. The rest of the shops remind me of something you'd find on Diagon Alley in Harry Potter, they're all so magical and mysterious. Each Cornish town has an air of mystery about it and I think that's what draws me back to visit each year. I made a purchase from one of the little shops, and that came in the form of a rainbow flower crown. I've wanted a flower crown for years, and I finally gave in and got one for myself. It would look perfect for a festival look for boardmasters (that's what I told myself anyway). 

The beach at Looe is absolutely stunning, so we stayed there for a little while and relaxed in the sunshine. Then we started to head back to the car, not before calling back at our favourite pub for the tastiest meal. Dad and I opted for BBQ chicken whilst Mum went for a curry and it was so yummy. The photos are making me hungry just looking at them. Being the greedy family we are, we also called in at the town bakery and got some cakes for the journey home. 

After a very competitive game of air hockey with Dad in the arcade, we made it back to the car and then went over to East Looe. This is where all the hotels are situated and it's only a 10 minute walk from the town, but it's equally as beautiful. It was the perfect photo opportunity and the views are breath taking. I love just sitting there and watching the waves crash against the rocks, the colours of blue just glitter in the sunlight! 

We spent our second to last day back on the beach. We had to go back one more time to say goodbye. As we were yet to watch the sunset on a Newquay beach, we stayed the whole day and watch as the sunset on the night. I've said it once and I'll say it again, Newquay has the most spectacular sunsets! Also shoutout to that surfer for getting a good wave, he probably doesn't even know I have that photo of him but he did really well. Gold star for you surfer guy. 

I wish I could show you photos of me surfing, but my parents are not skilled photographers and the photos are either extremely blury or they've got the photo as I have fallen in. 

Now we're here, the final day of the holiday. At this point, my hair was annoying me because my fringe was too long and I couldn't see. Fun fact for you there! 

The final day of the holiday saw us head down to Fistral Beach to catch the first day of Boardmasters. This is always one of the highlights of my holidays; sitting in a tent listening to some absolute tunes and drinking cider (what more could you want in life?). We sat in the tent for around four hours, drinking cider and listening to the DJ as she played Jamiroquai and Jocelyn Brown. Everyone was either up dancing or sat on the beanbags just chilling. It was just so chill, I loved it! 

We then ventured down to the beach to watch some of the surfers as they competed against one another. This resulted in me having my photo taken with a giant flip flop and the whole fam ending up on a giant deck chair (including the dog). Speaking of my little bubs, it was hilarious how chilled he was at the festival. He just sat there on his towel, didn't bother with anyone and slept the whole time. He's such a chilled beach bum, I love it! 

Boardmasters 2016 treated us well, so well in fact that I even got a hoodie to commemorate the occasion. It's the comfiest hoodie I own, so big ups to Boardmasters for providing the best music, the most chill atmosphere and the comfiest hoodies!

So, that's it. My Cornwall post of 2016 is over. I hope you've enjoyed reading what we got up to, and looking through some of my holiday photos. 

Lots of Love,

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