8 October 2016

My Disney Character List

In less than three weeks, I'll be back in Disneyland having cuddles with these two cheeky chaps!
It still doesn't feel real; you know when you book a Disney holiday and then you have to wait for it to hit you that you're going? Well that hasn't happened for me yet. And with the short wait that we have, I think it's only going to hit me when I'm actually on my way. 

Although I love going to Disneyland for the magic of the rides, my favourite thing to do is meet characters. I think meeting characters makes the best memories.and having someone to take really cute photos for you is always a bonus. As a lot of the main attractions in Disneyland Paris are currently under refurbishment, I've noticed that a lot of rare characters are making appearances around the parks; especially Princesses who you can normally only meet in the Pavilion. 

I have an overall Disney Bucket List for my up-coming trip, but I also have a list of characters whom I am so desperate to meet. So, here's a list of the characters I would like to meet in Disneyland Paris.

- Peter Pan & Wendy (Duh!)
- Minnie & Mickey
- Chip & Dale
- Marie
- Rapunzel 
- Snow White
- Maleficent
- Jafar
- Mary Poppins
- Captain Jack Sparrow
- Donald 
- Pluto
- The Tremaine Sisters
- Gaston
- Winne the Pooh
- Tigger
- Eeyore
- Stitch

Who's your must-meet character in Disneyland?

Lots of Love,


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