20 October 2016

My Autumn/Winter Goals 2016

Autumn; the season of pumpkin spice lattes and walks along paths carpeted with leaves. Is there anything that shouts Autumn more than cosy woolly jumpers and burgundy beanie hats? I think not. In all honesty, I've never been a big fan of Autumn until it gets super cold and the build up to Christmas starts, but this year has been different. I've just been so excited to wrap up warm and take Buster for a long walk in the woods. As someone who set New Years Resolutions and didn't stick to them, I thought I would set myself some more goals for Autumn/Winter. I really love the feeling of accomplishment, so I thought I'd share with you some of my goals for the end of this year! 

1. Make more friends
I want to meet more people and socialise with everyone on my course at Uni. I feel very distant from a lot of the people on my course because everyone is extremely cliquey. Putting myself out there more and talking to different people is something that is extremely daunting for me but something that will hopefully make me happier in the long term. 

2. Start writing my book
I've always wanted to see what it would be like to start writing a book but I can never seem to get around to doing it. I've decided that I'm going to take some time out each week to make some notes and do some writing. I don't know if anything will ever happen with this potential book but it'll hopefully get me back into loving writing again. 

3. Read more Blogs
I'm a big part of the blogging community but I feel like I watch YouTube videos too much. I think it's completely taken over from blogging and that sometimes blogs just aren't recognised or appreciated anymore. I really need to read some more blogs and find new bloggers to be friends with so be sure to leave your links in the comments because I'd love to read what you've been writing about!

4. Spend less time on my phone
Like everyone in the modern day, I spend 90% of my life on my phone, the other 10% being when I'm sleeping. I read a quote the other day that really made me emotional and it said that one day when you look up from your phone, your family wont be there anymore. I spend way too much time on my phone when I'm around my family so I've decided that when I'm out with people and socialising, unless I'm on a night out or feeling awkward, then I will definitely not be going on my phone. I need to appreciate the amazing people I have around me whilst they're still here.

5. Get my Anxiety under control.
 I'm determined not to let my anxiety take over my life anymore, and as it has caused me to lose a lot of friends, I don't want to risk losing anyone else. I'm promising myself that by Christmas I will be able to go out on a night out without having an anxiety attack and have an amazing Christmas with my family.

6. Visit Coffee Shops and Read
I love going to different places, going into the coffee shops and spending the day reading. I say that I love going to these places but I really don't do this enough even though it's something that relaxes me and makes me so happy. I've decided I'm going to use this as my relaxation time and take a day after lecture each week to go and sit somewhere and read for a little while. I always seem to be too tired to read now that I'm back at Uni. 

7. Read my work out at an Open Mic Night
Yep, I'm a Creative Writer and the whole purpose of my degree is to be able to share my writing with others. However, this is the thing I hate the most about my course and if I can avoid sharing my work with other people then I will. As soon as my lecturer says that we are all going to share our work, I make an excuse to leave (normally going to the loo) and then come back when he's moved on to another topic and forgot that I even left the room. However, at some point I am going to have to share my work with other people whether I like it or not. When I attend the open mic nights hosted by my Uni, I always say that I'm going to read out next time but 'next time' never comes. If I'm going to share my writing with other people why not throw myself in at the deep end and read it out at an open mic night!?

8. Don't be so hard on myself
I've come to realise how much I put myself down; whether that be because of my appearance, personality or the work that I do. I'm always talking about the fact that we shouldn't compare ourselves to other people but yet still find myself doing that exact thing. Just because you think someones work is amazing doesn't mean that yours isn't just as good, just because you think someone is pretty doesn't mean that you aren't pretty too! I just need to stop comparing myself and start working with what I have. 

What are you Autumn/Winter Goals? I think they really motivate me to achieve something by the end of the year! 

Lots of Love,

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