9 June 2017

A Letter To 10 Year Old Me

Dear 10-Year-Old Me,
You're sat at the table in the restaurant of your favourite hotel in Blackpool. You're wearing your new navy blue skirt with a tiara sparkling on your head, giving a big cheesy grin to the camera as you tilt your head to the side. You have the most beautiful smile, and you should wear it more often. It's one of the only things about you that won't change. I can see the pride in Mum's eyes as she smiles back at you, and her pride in you will only continue to grow because you're going to achieve amazing things little one. 
You are such a clever little girl with so much potential. Sure, you might be the tallest girl in school with thin legs and knees that look like wool on cotton but you need to be true to yourself. It'll serve you well. Enjoy being as carefree as you are now because it's all stress from here but you'll get through it. There'll be challenges up ahead but you're stronger than you seem, and there'll be more good moments than bad, I promise. 

You'll leave all of your friends behind to go to secondary school, I know you're not thinking about that now but you've got it all to come. Trust in fate. It will be tough on you, and people will try to dull your sparkle but keep your head down, keep dreaming and it'll soon pass. They're just jealous of how effortlessly intelligent you are. But you need to tell someone when they start drawing over your work and throwing your things out of the window, you don't need to deal with that. Never listen to the names they call you or the things they say about you, don't waste your tears on them. It will knock your confidence, but you'll soon get back up. 
You'll work hard and pass all of your exams with flying colours, although you'll stress yourself out beforehand and you'll wonder if you have any more tears left to cry. When it's all over, you'll celebrate in style and turn out to be a real party person. I know you don't want to get up and dance now because you think everyone is looking at you, but soon they won't be able to get you off that dance floor. 

You'll also meet your first crush. Yep, I know boys seem gross now but it'll all change. He'll be in your form and you'll spend your days thinking about him, but nothing will ever come from it. Sorry, kiddo. You'll always have a soft spot for him though, and when you see him at a party a few years down the line, all the feelings will come flooding back and you'll still get butterflies. It's never going to go well with males, and you'll soon realise that they're no good. You'll get your heart broken but you just keep on wishing and he'll come along eventually. Snow White got her Prince and you will too, one day. 

In no time at all, you'll be 13. An unlucky number for some, but it'll be the start of something new for you. Just make sure you treat your Mum with a bit more respect, she's only trying to help you after all. Also, please don't let Dad take you to the hairdressers and let them put a bowl on your head. 'Coconut Head' is not a cool nickname to have. It's the age you'll realise that girls are cruel. They'll drag you down and make fun of you but you just keep spreading kindness. It's a good thing to be remembered for. However, they're not all that bad. You know Liv who lives on the same road as Mambly and Grandad? The girl you play out with all the time? Well, you're still friends 10 years down the line. You're currently the best of friends in your twenties and causing more havoc than ever. She's a good egg and you're really lucky to have her around; in the next ten years, you won't be able to get rid of her.

When you're 15 you'll meet one of the most inspirational women. She'll come in the form of your drama teacher and she'll send your confidence shooting sky high. How lucky are you to have someone so amazing to help you to achieve your dreams? You've always been such a drama queen, so it's no wonder you'll take lead roles in the school productions and you'll be absolutely amazing. Can you see how proud everyone is going to be? You have a strong talent there kiddo and you need to follow that passion even when people doubt you. Prove them wrong. Show them what you can do. You're a shining star, I just wish you could see how special you are.

As I write this to you, you're currently studying writing at University. You've moved away from home and made a whole bunch of new friends, although it hasn't been easy and you've had some setbacks along the way. You love Disney now more than you ever could, and you've finally managed to convince Mum and Dad for that little companion you always wanted. At this moment I know you want to be a beautician/hairdresser and although this isn't the career path you decide to take, you'll manage to work for Walt Disney Company and you're in a job now that you love more than anything, with people who are like your second family. I look at that little girl smiling and I'm so proud of the young woman you've become. The bullies will make you feel like you are not worthy of happiness but you will tower above them. Remember that beauty is only skin deep, and that you are so beautiful even when you don't feel like you are. Remember that it's okay to have bad days and you are entitled to them. Remember that you are worth more than any male who thinks he can take advantage of you. Believe that you can and you will.
Keep wishing on those stars and don't lose your beautiful imagination. Keep dreaming, keep believing and remember that the happiest girls are the prettiest.

A 20-Year-Old You

Lots of Love,
Meg xo

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