2 July 2018

My 21st Birthday

Since we last spoke, I've turned 21. 
I've been the big 2 1 for almost a month now and believe me when I say that the celebrations are still on-going. I've been on holiday, drank my body weight in gin and celebrated the milestone with my nearest and dearest. The day itself was an emotional whirlwind and I know I'll look back in years to come and smile. 

Before I start, I'm extremely grateful to everyone for their cards, presents and kind words, even Mitch who graced the people of Twitter with my top 21*embarassing* moments. I was really spoilt and a smile didn't leave my face for the entire day. 

I don't know about you but the night before my birthday, I like to stay up til midnight and see the day in. You'll be glad to know that I started my birthday in the traditional way. At 23:57 I hit the play button and danced around my room to 'New York New York' by Frank Sinatra. If there was going to be one song to bring in my 21st year, it was going to be Sinatra. 

 Dad and I went to the rugby the night before, so the screaming and shouting tired me out and I slept really well. I woke up the following morning to Buster jumping on the bed and giving me lots of birthday kisses. I followed him downstairs to find 'HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY' banners pinned to every wall and a huge 21 balloon in the corner of the living room. My cards were in a pile next to my presents and my Mum handed me a glass of bucks fizz to start the day off in style.

I sat down in front of the fireplace and opened my cards. I always open my cards first and I received some gorgeous cards with some lovely words written in them. I love a long, emotional speech and reading such nice things about myself from the people who mean the most to me was so heartwarming. I even got a 'To My Big Sister' card from the dog (definitely a highlight of the day). 

I never ask for much for my birthday and this year was no different. There was nothing in particular that I wanted but my family and friends never fail to spoil me and surprise me with the most thoughtful gifts. I feel so incredibly lucky to have people who know me so well. 

My Grandma and Grandad bought me the most stunning rose gold signet ring, something they bought my Mum for her 21st birthday. I promised them that I'd never take it off and I never have. It's the most beautiful thing I own (although quite a few family members now think that I'm engaged). 

My friends supplied the alcohol with various bottles of gin, wine and prosecco to add to my collection. I'm still going through the gin I got for Christmas so I think I've got enough to last me for the next few years. My Mum's close friend bought me a notebook and filled it with goals to complete in my 21st year - it was so motivating and I've already started filling it in. It'll be nice to look back on when I'm older and remember what will hopefully be the most successful year of my life. 

Then, my Mum and Dad. 
I do not deserve them. 
Along with a Pandora Disney charm, my favourite No. 7 foundation, a new Benefit mascara and a bottle of wine, they booked me on a tour around the Coronation Street set. If you follow me on Twitter, then you'll know that I absolutely LOVE the soaps, especially Corrie. Since being a little girl, it's been my dream to go and see the Corrie set so when they surprised me with the tour, I was absolutely ecstatic. 

I thought that was it, but then Mum handed me one last envelope. 
Inside was a card that read 'To Meg, hope you enjoy this as much as we're looking forward to it. Have a fantastic day! Love, Mum, Dad & Buster'. My first thought? They'd booked me driving lessons. My stomach started to flutter as I reluctantly glanced at the piece of paper folded inside the card. My eyes brimmed with tears as I read every little detail. They were taking me back to my second home. We were going back to Newquay! 

I basically rugby tackled them to the floor with all the love and hugs I could manage. It was the best gift I could have asked for. Cornwall holds a special place in my heart and to be able to spend my 21st birthday there was a dream come true. Oh and the best bit? We were going the following morning! 

The rest of my morning was spent packing. Having a holiday unexpectedly thrown upon me meant that I had to plan 20 different outfits, dig to the bottom of my drawer for my bikini and search the shed for my surfboard. It was a lot of effort when I all I could think about was being back on Cornish sand, drinking cider and spending every waking moment at the beach. 

Mum and Dad were going to take me to Haydock Races for the day but after a morning of packing, it wouldn't have been worth it. Instead, we decided to head to the Owd Bard at Bispham for a spot of afternoon tea. It's a huge barn that sells everything you could imagine and at the side is a small café with tables and chairs outside (they do they best scones in the world!). It was so nice to sit in the sun, drinking tea and having a laugh with my Mum and Dad. 

Just down the road from the Owd Barn is Cedar Farm. 
It's a craft farm with something for the whole family; quirky shops, the cutest cafes and even farm animals to feed. I made friends with a baby goat called Truffle and I wanted to take her home with me. It was at that moment that I realised I wanted a baby goat for my birthday. 
Sadly, Mum said no. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon browsing the shops, drinking more tea and feeding the animals, although Mum made sure to keep an eye on me, just to check that I wasn't about to steal Truffle the goat. Cedar farm is such a hidden gem and it would be the perfect place to find a quirky present, I can't wait to go back again soon with Mum (and hopefully see Truffle again too!).

After a very chilled afternoon, we arrived home and started to get ready for my birthday meal. My Mum and Dad had booked for us to go to my favourite Italian restaurant so I made sure to make an effort. I got a lot of comments and questions on Instagram asking about my outfit for the night so I thought I'd link everything on the blog for you! 

I was super last minute with my outfit and I only bought my dress the night before my birthday. It's from Parisian by New Look and gave me all the Love Island vibes. I was reluctant to wear white at first but I absolutely loved my outfit and felt like a Princess for the whole night. My shoes are from Primark but they're just a simple nude heel so you can pick them up from anywhere. My bracelet is from Pandora and my hair was curled with the Mark Hill Pick N' Mix Medium Barrel

As I said, we spent the rest of my birthday evening in Quatros, a small Italian near Rainford. There's nothing more important than family and having a meal with my parents and grandparents was the best way to welcome 21. I absolutely love Italian food and there was so much choice on the menu, it was hard for me to pick just one thing. In the end, I opted for bruschetta and penne arrabiata, both of which were SO GOOD! 

As we ate, we watched the sunset over the fields and sang Happy Birthday one too many times. After our meal, we went and sat on the terrace with yet another glass of gin and laughed til our sides hurt. I don't know if that was because of the gin or the fact that my Dad is the funniest human being I know, but either way, I couldn't have asked for a better evening. Classy, funny and happy - just like me! 

After the meal, we went back home, opened another bottle of prosecco and Mum surprised me with my birthday cake. I was expecting a little figure of me stood in front of a Disney Castle with a bottle of gin in my hand. Instead, Mum opted for the gin/prosecco theme and it was even better than I thought it would be - I knew it was going to include gin somewhere. It was really yummy too!
We sang Happy Birthday for the 21st time (I'm not even joking) and I made my special birthday wish and before you ask, I'm not telling! 

I can't believe I'm 21. 
I really had the best day ever and I can't thank everyone enough for their kind words, presents and cards. It was a day full of laughter, love, happiness and gin - all the things I'll ever need in life. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends around me, especially my Mum and Dad who did everything they could to make the day as special as it was. 

This time next year, I'll be bombarding you with Taylor Swift lyrics! 

Here's to 21!

Lots of Love,


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