9 August 2015

Cornwall 2015 | The Most Eventful Holiday Ever!

Hello Everyone!
Okay, so I want to start by saying that I'm really sorry that I haven't posted anything this past week. I've recently been away on my yearly family holiday to Cornwall, and it's probably been one of the most eventful three weeks of my life, so my blog posts went a bit doo-lally. 

When we arrived down in Cornwall, the sunshine was cracking the flags and we pulled up at our Caravan site in a little town called Rejarrah. This year we went to a completely different site, so it was really nice to have a change. It was on this site that I met my two little companions for the holiday; Blue and Ted. These two cute little things were the horses owned by the lady who was the owner of the caravan site. Everyday I fed them carrots and helped her to look after them. I have to be honest, I'm really missing those cheeky little fellas. 

For the first few days, we spent all of our time on the beach, apart from one day when we went into Truro to do some shopping but we won't talk about that. The beach provided me with a chance to get some beautiful photos of the sea and the sand, plus watching the surfers is always one of my favourite things. Sadly, this year, I only got a chance to surf a couple of times, but it was still really fun and I got some awesome waves. However, the seagulls were such pests!! I can't begin to explain to you how frustrated they made me. It seemed that they could just see where food was and they'd dive around and try to steal it from you. I thought I was going to die. 

The weather then deteriorated and this was when disaster struck. Whilst asleep one stormy Friday night, I started to hear a dripping sound. I thought nothing of it and went back to sleep. However, when we woke up that morning, we realised that it wasn't just 'nothing' in fact, the roof of the caravan was leaking. Therefore, the day was spent with buckets on the floor catching the water, and nothing for any of us to do. The repair man couldn't get to us in time either, so we just had to make do with what we had. If you think that's bad, trust me, it gets worse. 

So, as I said, we'd spent the previous day trying to stop water from flowing into the Caravan, therefore we thought that the holiday couldn't get any worse. But how wrong were we? The rain stopped and Dad thought it would be a good idea to try and put some tape over the spot where the water was coming in. This is what he spent most of the morning doing. We had some lunch and then decided to head off to the beach; or so we thought. I was sat in the car with the dog when I saw my Dad rushing to the toilets clutching his hand, Mum was banging on the window shouting for me to help her but I had no clue what was going on. "We need to get your Dad to the Hospital Now!". I didn't know what on earth was going on but we shot down to Perranporth surgery, my Dad's finger flowing with blood, only to find that it was closed. We then had to treck for twenty minutes to A&E which was where we spent most of the day. Dad had jumped to grab something from the top of the Caravan, his wedding ring had caught on a pole and dragged half the skin of his finger off. The sight was horrible. However, he only thought he would need a couple of stitches and would be out in no time. As we sat in the Accident and Emergency department, he was called in straight away, and then I didn't see him for another two hours. I had no clue what was going on, and, after watching three consecutive episodes of 'The Chase' I was getting very bored and very impatient. 

Then Dad came out and called me into a room. He still hadn't been seen by a nurse. He had his wedding ring cut off but no one has been in for the past two hours and he didn't know what was going on. An hour later, the surgeon came in and told him that he would need to go into Theatre for an operation on his finger. They told him that he was extremely lucky not to have lost his finger but reassured us that he was going to be okay. 

That night, Mum and I waited and waited for a call to go and pick him up after he had been into Theatre, but we got nothing. Turns out, they decided to keep him in overnight and luckily, at lunchtime the following morning, we got a phone call from the hospital telling us that the operation had gone well, Dad was doing fine and that he was ready for us to collect him. Thank God! 

Gradually, the weather picked up again and Dad started to recover really well. That's why we spent so long at the beach and I got some gorgeous photos of the Sunset. I love watching the sunset at the beach, especially in Cornwall. It's one of my favourite things to do. I think that it's one of those thing that just makes you appreciate how beautiful the world actually is. We don't have to pay for spectacular sites like that, it's just the picturesque surroundings that we take for granted. We watched so many sunsets, and I posted so many photos on Instagram, that I'm pretty sure people got very fed up of seeing my new found obsession with the sunset. 

One of my favourite things, not only about Cornwall, but in the whole wide world, is food. And especially cream teas. One day in Newquay, we went to the cutest little café at the side of the harbour and I had this delicious cream tea; it was the nicest thing I have ever tasted. I'm getting extremely hungry just writing about it. yum yum yum.

Looe is my favourite place to visit when we go down to Cornwall. It is the most adorable little village, with what can only be described as breath taking views of the sea. It also has the cutest café's to visit, who seem to sell the nicest hot chocolate ever. Plus, look how cute and excited my little buddy looks to be on the beach!

One of my favourite days of the holiday, and possibly one of the most fun days, was when we visited the quaint little village of Port Isaac. This is the place where the hit ITV series 'Doc Martin' is filmed and we were able to find his house, and see where all of the major scenes are set which was so lovely. As you can see from the photos above, I took it upon myself to take a wonderful selfie with his house. However, we didn't just come to Port Isaac to see Doc Martin; on a Friday night, at around 7pm, a Cornish group called the Fisherman Friends stand at the harbour and play songs whilst everyone joins in, eating their fish and chips. So, we got our fish and chips and headed down to the harbour, settling down in our place. An hour later, at half past seven, we were still waiting, and there was still no one here, we didn't really know what to expect or what to do. This was when we found out from a family sat next to us that the band weren't coming tonight because they were performing elsewhere. Just our luck ey?! It was still a lovely place to visit, and I got to see Doc Martin so it was all good in my point of view.

Last but not least, in our last few days, we headed over to Healeys Cornish Cider Farm which is where they make the famous Cornish Rattlers Cider. This is THE nicest cider in the world, and as many people know, it's my favourite drink in the summer. I know as soon as I start to drink Cider that it's the summer again. At Healey's, I was literally in cider heaven. There were so many different kinds and flavours, plus we were able to see how it is made and walk around the orchards which was amazing. I'm also pictured above with my first legal pint of Rattlers Cider which I proudly purchased for myself.

So, there's my eventful holiday for you. Due to Dad being unwell and having to go to the hospital, we decided to book another week down in Cornwall to catch up on the days that we missed, hence the reason why there haven't been any posts up this week. If you're wondering, or if you're bothered, my Dad is on the mend now and is doing really really well. Overall, despite all the drama, we still had such a wonderful holiday and Cornwall remains one of my favourite places in the world!

Lots of Love

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