4 February 2016

Adventure Is Out There!

Is it just me, or does no one ever seem to go out these days? I mean, of course we all go on the odd night out, get very drunk and then regret everything we've ever done in life, but what I mean is that people don't seem to adventure any more. 

Admit it, most of the time, you'd much rather sit in with your laptop, netflix and not have to move from your bedroom. Trust me, I'm like that sometimes too. But, I think we need to stop this now, we need to get rid of the whole 'fear of missing out' and motivate ourselves to go out more! Everyone knows by now that I love a good adventure, and I love to write on here about what I get up too. I think people really enjoy reading things like that, but instead of living it through a blog on your laptop screen, go out and make adventures for yourselves! I've got a lot of fun things coming up in the next few months, which I will obviously be blogging about of course, and I wanted to share with you what's getting me very excited for the year ahead! 

At the end of the week, my friend and I are going to see 'Rocky Horror Show' at our local theatre. We absolutely love going to the theatre, and it's a show we've both never seen so I'm really looking forward too it. I love that feeling when you come out of the theatre and you just feel so good about yourself, it just transports you away from reality for a little while and I think that's why I love it so much. We're going all out, dressing up as the characters, taking all our props! I'm so excited! I've also been having some withdrawal symptoms from Jersey Boys. I loved just spontaneously booking to go down to London and watch a show; it was such an adventure and I loved every second of it. I think that's something we'll definitely be doing again at some point this year. 

I don't leave Liverpool enough. I feel like I'm constantly here, I've got links to every city in the UK and I just never leave. So, I'm going to go on some adventures of my own to visit my friends around the country at their Universities. I love going and seeing new places, so I'm really excited to go and explore! I've already been down to Birmingham this year, and I'm planning another trip there very soon, but I'm also planning trips to Bangor, Dublin, Coventry and Glasgow! There may also be another cheeky little trip to Disneyland Paris in talks for later on in the year! 

Concerts are one of my favourite things. I just love the adrenalin rush you get when your favourite artist comes bounding onto the stage as you scream their lyrics to them and hope they'll notice your face in an arena of around 3,000 people. I'm attending quite a few concerts this year; The Vamps, The 1975 and whoever will be headlining the Boardmasters Festival this year. I love just switching my phone off at festivals and living an adventure through my own eyes, not through a camera. 

Speaking of the Boardmasters...Cornwall!! This is where I will be returning this year, as always, and I am very excited to be back by the sea and surfing again. I truly can't wait to just switch my phone off and spend some quality time with my family. Also, my friends and I will be going camping again this year, which I'm really looking forward too as it was such a laugh last time we did it! 

So, those are just some of my plans for 2016. Instead of just cooping yourself up in your little nest, get out there, you've got a whole world to explore! Even if it's just some local events you go too, get out of the house. Lose the fear of missing out and get out more!

If you've got an event you'd like to promote or even just want to find out what's going on in your local area, I recommend Eventbrite. It's such a useful site for selling tickets online, I really would suggest that you check them out!

What are your plans for the year ahead?

Lots of Love


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