5 October 2015

Re-United & Ladies at Brunch

Hello Everyone!
I've not really got a focus for this blog post, I'm currently sat in my University room after returning from a lovely weekend at home with my family and friends. Whilst I was at home, my friend and I visited the cutest café which was very ditzy, girly and so photogenic (well as photogenic as a café can be). I thought I'd do a little ramble about my week and what I've been getting up too. 

This week has been a very enjoyable but hectic week at University. As it has been my first week, I've been meeting new people, meeting my course tutors and just trying to find my way around in general. I've had a very productive week, I absolutely love Creative Writing, the fact that I can just sit in a room and let my imagination flow onto a piece of paper makes me very happy. I also found out that I'll be attending a writing residential somewhere in Wales in the coming weeks which is something I am very very excited for. However, because this week has been so hectic, I haven't had as much time as I would have liked to speak to my family, so on Friday I decided to jump on the train and head home for the weekend. One of the main reasons I wanted to do this was because I was missing my dog. I was missing my dog A LOT. As many of you know, Buster is my world so being away from him for two weeks was really hard. Plus Mum was telling me how he was starting to worry because I hadn't come home. I couldn't wait to see him. 

As I was riding on the train, which was extremely uncomfortable as the carriage kept bouncing up and down therefore making my bag fall of the seats, I realised how lucky I am to be living in such a wonderful city like Liverpool. I appreciate having a flat to go back to after lectures and not having to get the train back to my local town, full of screaming children and angry business men. Those things combined with tiredness after a very long day don't go very well together. Going back home on the train on a Friday evening really made me realise that there is no way I could commute home every weekend. 

When the train pulled up at the station, I hauled my heavy bag full of clothes and another bag of washing for my Mum off the train and was greeted by my Mum and Grandma ready to pick me up. I really was home. Now I just couldn't wait to see my partner in crime. The minute I walked into the house, Buster went crazy, he was so happy to see me and after I'd dumped my bags by the door, I was bombarded with kisses and cuddles. If there's one thing I'd missed, it was definitely cuddles. 

Being at home was such a satisfying feeling, it was nice to go back and see that everything was still there, nothing had changed and life still went on as normal. It's very weird being at University because when you go home, you expect that everything is going to change, of course it doesn't but because you're not there, it feels very weird going back. On the Friday, I was supposed to be meeting my best friend Liv for a drink at our local pub, we hadn't seen each other for three weeks and in our world, that is a lifetime. Sadly, she decided not to come home from Uni this weekend (or so I thought) and I spent the night relaxing with my family. 

On the Saturday, Mum and I went to Warrington and did some shopping. I think my Mum really misses having someone that she can go shopping with. Mum and I have always been very very close, so me not being around the house is quite hard for her. I know it's hard for me without her. Saturday night was one of the loveliest nights of the year. Mum, Dad and I headed over to my Auntie's for a family get together. I was able to see my cousins again and actually speak to them. I don't get to see this side of the family a lot so when we do get together, I really do treasure the moments. 

Then we get to Sunday, and that means home time. On Saturday night, I got a surprise text from Liv telling me that she was at home so we immediately decided that we would go out for a late breakfast or early lunch (Brunch as we like to call it). When Liv and I saw each other again it was the nicest thing ever. Liv and I have been friends since we were around six or seven years old, we've always lived around the corner from one another and whenever we go out, we always go together. When we both left for Uni, it was horrible. It was like I'd lost my right arm. It didn't make it any better that it was harder to see one another because we were a two hour train journey away from each other. I can't begin to tell you how nice it was to see another friendly face. 

Liv and I decided to go to a little café around the corner from where we live called 'Toast'. It's the cutest café, as you can tell from the décor and because it was such a lovely day, we decided to sit outside in the alley way. Now I know that doesn't sound the nicest, but it was decorated with bushes with twinkling lights and blankets over the seats just in case you got cold. From the moment Liv and I were re-united, we didn't shut up. We had so much to catch up on and we had such a laugh, Liv and I always laugh a lot when we're together. For our meal, I had the loveliest ham baguette with crisps, salad and the nicest home-made coleslaw ever. We then had some cake and a coffee, the home-made Lemon Drizzle cake is literally to die for. I have never tasted anything as nice in my entire life. 

After our lovely afternoon lunch, it was time for me to say my goodbyes and head back to Liverpool. As much practice as you get, saying goodbye is the hardest thing you can ever do. I think it's the bit I hate the most about going home because at some point you know that you're going to have to say goodbye. Mum cried again, as always, which made me cry. I think we'll get better at goodbyes though, at least I hope we do. Do they ever get easier?

So now, I'm back in Liverpool after such a lovely weekend back at home! 

Lots of Love

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